3 Reasons Glass Mugs Are Better

Let’s discuss glass mugs and why they’re a better choice.  Mugs are a staple in every household.  If your family is like ours, then mugs are used every day – hello coffee!  Most people likely use ceramic coffee mugs, as these have been the norm for awhile.  However, glass mugs have become quite popular, and for good reason!  Here are 3 reasons we think glass mugs are the way to go.   

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3 Reasons Glass Mugs Are Better

1. Lead-Free

This is our primary reason glass mugs are better than ceramic.  You can be pretty confident glass mugs are lead-free, while the same can not be said about ceramic mugs.  There is often lead found in the glaze of ceramic mugs, but it’s hard to know if your specific mug has it or not unless you get it tested ($).  What’s even worse is that acidic food and drink can leach lead out of dishes faster, and coffee is acidic.

Lead should be avoided at all costs.  According to the World Health Organization:.

  • There is no level of exposure to lead that is known to be without harmful effects.
  • Lead exposure is preventable.
  • Lead is a cumulative toxicant that affects multiple body systems and is particularly harmful to young children.
There are no regulations regarding lead in our products, unless it’s meant for children.  The maximum amount of lead can that be present in a children’s product is 90 ppm.  Tamara Rubin aka Lead Safe Mama has tested several mugs for lead and the results are downright scary.  Various ceramic mugs have been tested and many contain lead in the 10,000 to 100,00+ ppm range!  Keep in mind 90 ppm or less is deemed ‘safe’ for kids.  Yikes!
Glass mugs, on the other hand, are lead-free (with the exception of crystal glass).
Here are two brands of glass mugs recommended by Lead Safe Mama – Libbey (left) and Bodum Bistro (right):

2. Timeless

You can’t deny that glass mugs are more timeless than most ceramic mugs. 

If your cupboard is anything like ours, our ceramic mugs are a hodgepodge of different colors and themes.  Several were gifted and several were purchased as souvenirs.  However, what was once a “must-have” mug often loses its appeal after time.  Ever walked down the mug aisle in a thrift store?  

Glass mugs will stand the test of time!

Glass Mug Cappuccino
This mug has a more traditional style - it's a cappuccino mug!

3. Better for the Environment

Glass is simply better for the environment than ceramic.  Glass is recyclable while ceramic is not.

And to piggyback off our second point, glass mugs are less likely to end up in the recycle bin/trash can compared to ceramic mugs due to their broader appeal!

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