The Best Non-Toxic Crib

The Modern Mindful Mom’s pick for the best non-toxic crib.

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This crib, the SNIGLAR from IKEA, is my pick as the best non-toxic crib.

This wasn’t a decision made lightly either.  I spent hours upon hours researching cribs.  If I had to guess, I would say 40+ hours.  Who knew that muddling through all these baby products would be a full time job!?

After learning about the toxins prevalent in most cribs (which I summarize for you here), I was shocked.  Yes, baby will be exposed to toxins, but if there is a way I can minimize that exposure, why not?  Since babies sleep so much, you definitely want to be mindful of the toxins in their crib.

In The Modern Mindful Mom’s Guide for Buying Crib, I detail why a solid wood crib is best, and this one fits the bill.  The bed rail, base frame and spindles are made of solid beech.  Now, there is some misinformation floating around on the web stating that this crib does contain toxins.  That’s because the base of the crib used to be made of particleboard, but not anymore!  Two thumbs up for Ikea!  (I know this might come as a shocker, given that Ikea and particleboard go together like peanut butter and jelly, but hey, I’ll take it).

Another reason this crib is non-toxic is that is comes unfinished, so no harmful chemicals to worry about in the paint/stain/etc.  If the unfinished look isn’t your style, you can always stain it yourself using a food-grade oil.  Who doesn’t love a good DIY?

Now, a slight disclaimer on the word “non-toxic”.  First, don’t assume a crib is safe if it says non-toxic (more on that here).  Secondly, when I say this is a non-toxic crib, I’m not saying there are zero toxins.  Unfortunately, we can’t get away from them entirely.  Wood naturally emits toxins, but the amount is SO MUCH less than an engineered or pressed wood.  Therefore, this is about as “non-toxic” as it gets in terms of cribs.

So we’ve established that the SNIGLAR crib from Ikea is non-toxic (as non-toxic as it gets anyways), but surely it’s not the only crib on the market that meets the criteria, right?  It’s not, but frankly, there aren’t a lot of options.  And most of these options will cost you a pretty penny.  I’m all for paying more for better quality (i.e. safer), but $1,000+ for a crib…ouch!

The price is what made the the SNIGLAR crib from Ikea stand out from the rest of the non-toxic cribs on the market.  It will cost you….wait for it….$79.99!

I absolutely love that this non-toxic crib is so affordable.  Why spend an arm and a leg on a crib if you don’t have to?  Put the money saved towards a college fund (or your mortgage payment)!


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