Eco-Friendly Doormats

Doormats are found at almost every home in America.  They help reduce the amount of dirt entering your home and can help provide a warm welcome. 

There are tons of doormats on the market for all aesthetics and budgets.  But one often overlooked feature when buying one is if the doormat itself is eco-friendly.   We are glad you’re here to learn about what makes a doormat eco-friendly.  We, as consumers, have a lot of power with how we spend our money.  


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Let’s go over what to look for when buying a doormat that is “eco-friendly”.  We also do the legwork for you and provide lots eco-friendly doormats that we’ve found!


What's an Eco-Friendly Doormat

An eco-friendly doormat is made with with sustainable, natural materials or recycled/up-cycled materials.  

Examples of sustainable natural materials in doormats:

  • Coir:  Coir is fiber from the outer husk of coconuts.  We like coir doormats because they use an otherwise discarded portion of the coconut and the rough surface makes it effective at removing sand and dirt from shoes. 
  • Jute:  Jute is a fiber made from the jute plant.  Jute is a natural and sustainable material.  
  • Abaca:  Abaca, also known as Manila Hemp, is a natural fiber made from banana leaf plants.  

Some things to note:  When buying a doormat made with these natural materials, you’ll need to read the fine print to make sure it’s truly eco-friendly.  Many doormats made of natural fiber have non-slip backing that is not eco-friendly (like vinyl or PVC – yuck!).  Look for a doormat made with 100% natural material for the most eco-friendly option.  The plus side to this is that the entire doormat is then biodegradable and can be added to your compost once you’re done with it!   If you’re shopping for a doormat with a non-slip backing, look for rubber as opposed to PVC or vinyl – rubber is considered to be more eco-friendly.

Examples of recycled and up-cycled materials in doormats:

  • Plastic water bottles
  • Plastic grocery bags
  • Rope (like fishing rope, lobster rope, etc.)
  • Blue Jeans
  • Flip flops
  • Wine Corks
  • Tires – however, we don’t recommend this one.  Even though it may be more eco-friendly than going to the landfil, tires are notorious for containing lead and other carcinogens…not something we want to be exposing our families to!

Disclaimer:  We haven’t personally tested all of these to verify their effectiveness.  Just because they are eco-friendly doesn’t mean they will work or hold up well.  Some of these (like the blue jeans for instance) may not do well if exposed to the elements.  It should also be noted that the term “eco-friendly” is not used in a black and white sense.  Some of these doormats are more/less eco-friendly than others.  Our list of eco-friendly doormats are simply more eco-friendly than most traditional doormats found on the market.   

Our Picks for Eco-Friendly Doormats

Here are some of our favorite eco-friendly doormats:

1.  100% Coir Doormats from Target  (click on picture to buy or for more information)

These eco-friendly doormats come in various designs!  Depending on your personal aesthetic you can choose from bright colors or opt for a more subdued color palette.  We love coir doormats as the texture is perfect for wiping shoes and removing sand and dirt.  We are so glad that Target carries these eco-friendly doormats, making them easily accessible to so many people.  

2.  Braided Coir Doormats from Target’s Hearth & Hand with Magnolia Collection (click on picture to buy or for more information)

The Hearth & Hand with Magnolia collection is in collaboration with collection by Chip & Joanna Gaines.  Chip & Joanna Gaines are beloved by many, made famous from HGTV’s show “Fixer Upper”.  You can bring some of their style into your own home with these eco-friendly braided coir doormats (at an affordable price!).  Even if you aren’t a fan of this couple or their “modern farmhouse” style, these doormats appeal to the masses.  These braided coir doormats would look great on any doorstep!

3.  Crocheted Doormat made using Jute (from Etsy):

We love the elegant look of this crocheted doormat.  If this style doesn’t suit your taste, there’s tons of other handmade doormats using jute on Etsy.  We love supporting artisans and small businesses when we can!  


4.  Doormat made of Woven Abaca (from Etsy):

If you have a high traffic area, this doormat made of woven abaca (from the banana leaf plant) will likely stand up to the tough job!  This specific one from Etsy is also customizable for various sizes if you have a double front door or other unique needs.

5.  Recycled Waterhog Doormats from L.L. Bean:

L.L. Bean has a huge selection of doormats in their “Recycled Waterhog” collection that are made from 94% recycled plastic (like plastic water bottles) and are backed with rubber.  These doormats are proudly made in America and hold up very well (we have one!).  We also love the various designs and styles available – including personalization options!

6.  Doormats made of Reclaimed Lobster Rope from Etsy (click picture to buy):

Whether you live on the coast or just want to bring some of the coast to your home, we love the look and history behind these eco-friendly doormats.  Made from reclaimed rope from lobster fisherman, there’s tons of various colors and designs available to choose from on Etsy.  We just adore these!

7.  Doormat made of Blue Jeans from Etsy:

We love that these jeans have been repurposed instead of ending up in the landfill.  As previously mentioned, we don’t think this doormat would fare well if exposed to the elements (like rain), but would be great if under some type of covering.  

8.  Doormat made of Wine Corks from Etsy:

Are you an eco-conscious wine connoisseur?  How about a doormat made from wine corks?  

Thanks for reading!  Hopefully you found this helpful!  Please share 🙂

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