10+ Gift Ideas for Eco-Conscious Kids (2019)

10+ Gift Ideas for Eco-Conscious K

There seem to be more eco-conscious kids now than ever before.  If you have an earth-loving kid in your life, consider getting them a gift that aligns with their values.  

We’ve compiled of list of gifts that are appropriate for eco-conscious kids to help give you some ideas.  

To make our list, the products have to not only be made of eco-friendly materials, but also have an eco-friendly message, like appreciating nature, reducing waste or recycling.

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1| Magnifying Glass

This leaf-shaped magnifying glass will encourage kids to get out and explore nature.

It’s also made by one of our favorite brands of sustainable toys, Plan Toys.  Plan Toys are ethically made in Thailand from rubber trees that no longer produce latex, non-formaldehyde glue, organic color pigments and water-color dyes.  The whole process is carbon-neutral too!  In addition to making FSC solid wood toys, Plan Toys also makes products from Planwood, an ingenius material made by compressing sawdust produced in the Plan Toys factory, so nothing goes to waste!  All Plan Toys also come packaged in recycled, non-toxic packaging which go straight into your recycling bin!

2| Bee Hives

This toy is perfect to aid in teaching about bees and fostering a love of bees.  This is also a great learning toy.  Children enjoy color matching and taking the bees in and out of the beehive.  Save the bees!

This is another sustainably-made toy by Plan Toys.

3| Green Dollhouse

This dollhouse is like no other, as it features eco-friendly living! 

It’s energy efficient with a wind turbine and solar panel (with electric inverter)!  It also has recycling bins, rain barrel, a green biofacade and a blind to control sunlight and airflow – no air-conditioning here!  

This is such a great way to teach children about green living, energy efficiency and recycling.  

There are five rooms in this dolls’ house: a kitchen, bathroom, sitting room and two bedrooms, and each room contains lovely furniture that will inspire creative play.  

Don’t forget you’ll need to purchase dolls separately!  These would make a great stocking stuffer!

4| Pear Tree Puzzle

This pear tree puzzle is such a unique toy for tree-loving kids.  It’s perfect for small-world imaginary play and it also doubles as a puzzle! The trunk, foliage and 12 pears can all be taken apart and put back together again!

You can also get an apple tree!

5| Wooden Bugs

If your kid loves bugs, then they’ll love these wooden bugs!  The set comes with lady bugs, ants and snails.

6| Ocean-Themed Bath Toys

Any earth-loving kid knows that our oceans are in trouble.  These two toys (made by Plan Toys) promote love for marine life.  

The floating island comes with the sea, sand, a coconut tree, a shell, a turtle and a crab.  The boat features a removable cabin, detachable fishhook, sail and comes with a fisherman, fish, starfish and turtle.

7| Recycling Truck

Not only does this toy help teach and encourage the concept of recycling, it’s made of recycled plastic milk jugs.

8| Tree Hugger Mittens

These mittens are perfect for your little “tree hugger”.  They are made of 100% baby alpaca wool which is eco-friendly and hypoallergenic.

9| Re-Usable Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Every eco-conscious kid needs a reusable water bottle.  This popular brand (Hydro Flask) will make a great gift and is sure to be a hit!  It comes in multiple colors!

10| Reusable Straws

Another practical gift for the eco-conscious kid is some reusable straws.  These reusable straws made of silicone are a good choice for kids!


We hope this gift guide gave you some ideas for your eco-conscious child!  



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