Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Teens (& College Kids)

We’ve put together a list of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for teens and college kids. 

Valentines Gift Ideas Teens

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1. Heart-Shaped Mug

This mug is modern and chic from the side. But look at it from the top, and your beverage is in the shape of a heart! Totally Instagram-worthy! This makes a perfect Valentine’s Day gift and is sure to be well-loved all year-round. 

2. HydroFlask

Any teen or college kid will love a new Hydroflask (yes, even if they already have one!). Pink goes well with the Valentine’s Day aesthetic or go with a more neutral color like white.

3. Beats Headphones

Any teen or college kid will love a new Hydroflask (yes, even if they already have one!). Pink goes well with the Valentine’s Day aesthetic or go with a more neutral color like white.

4. Apple AirTag

Have a teen who is always losing something? Get them an Apple AirTag. Perfect for keys, backpacks or purses. Or anything else that’s frequently misplaced. 

5. LONG Phone Charger

Yes, anyone who has a phone already has a phone charger, but having a really long phone charger is a luxury! You don’t know what you’re missing if you don’t have one. Your phone-obsessed teen will love being able to charge their phone without being tied down close to the wall plug!

6. Phone Sanitizer

These phone sanitizers have been viral on Tik-Tok, and for good reason. They are mainstream in places like Japan, but have since become more widely-available here in the U.S. We like this one by the brand Simplehuman. It sanitizes your phone in the same amount of time it takes to wash your hands, so just place it by the sink. It also comes in several different color options, matching any decor! This is one of the most expensive items on our list, but with the amount of time teenagers spend on their phone (and some questionable hygiene habits), we think this is well worth it!

7. Heart-Shaped Waffle Maker

Perfect for Valentine’s Day, this mini waffle maker comes in either pink or red and makes heart-shaped waffles.  This mini waffle maker won’t take up a lot of space. It gets great reviews and makes for a great conversation starter. 

8. String Lights with Photo Clips

Teens and college kids will love personalizing their space with these string lights with photo clips. This allows them to surround themselves with physical photos of people and places they love. Super trendy and perfect for Valentine’s Day!

9. Non-Toxic Air Freshener

Teens sometimes get a bad rep for messy and smelly rooms. If you have a teen who struggles in this department, consider gifting an air freshener. But not just any air freshener, this non-toxic air freshener. Read our full review here. 

10. Revlon Hair Dryer Brush

The Revlon hair dryer brush has gone viral, and for good reason. If your teen or college kid spends time blow drying and styling their hair, then they will love this tool. It’s a great time saver for those rushed mornings. It blow drys and styles in one. Since we got ours, we haven’t touched our hair straightener once! 

11. Bubble Bath

Help your teen (or college kid) decompress and relax with this bubble bath. We love the non-toxic ingredients, the amazing bubbles Alaffia bubble bath makes, and the fact they’re a Black-owned brand. 

12. Eyeshadow Palette

The Milani Gilded eyeshadow palette is a great budget-friendly eyeshadow palette perfect for teens and college kids. It’s a neutral palette featuring rosy pinks. This drugstore palette gets tons of rave reviews from beauty gurus, and we like it for its clean and non-toxic ingredients. It’s also talc-free!

13. Ilia Liquid Eyeshadow

This liquid eyeshadow from ILIA glides like a cream but dries like a powder. This product was a huge hit in 2021 and won both a Glamour beauty award and Allure Best of Beauty award. It also comes in several colors. We like that Ilia is a clean makeup brand that doesn’t have questionable or concerning ingredients. You can buy it direct from their website or from The Detox Market. 

14. Facial Cleanser

All teens can benefit from proper skin care! We love this super gentle facial cleanser from Honest Beauty. If you’re looking for something exfoliating, check out this one from Acure. We like that both of these products have clean ingredients. Not only is this healthier for your child, but they’re also less likely to have adverse reactions. 

15. Heart-Shaped Facial Sponge

Perfect for Valentine’s Day, this heart-shaped cleansing sponge is made with Konjac Plant Fiber, prized for its ability to detoxify pores and smooth skin while buffing away dirt and makeup. 

16. Sleep Eye Mask

We love giving teens gifts that inspire and encourage self-love, and what better way to take care of yourself than to get proper sleep. Teens and college kids are notorious for being night-owls, but maybe a cute eye mask will help them get some more zzz’s.

We love this Kitsh brand one from Target made from satin as well as this kitty sleep mask made from 100% cotton.

17. Slipper Slides

Slipper slides are all the rage and we love these sherpa ones from Target. They’re super soft and budget-friendly.

18. Hammock

Help your teen or college kid find some peace and serenity in nature by giving them a travel hammock. In both single and double person form they can be used with a hammock stand or strung up between two trees.

gift for teens vday hammock
Single person hammock
gift for teens vday hammock
Double person hammock

19. Packing Cubes

If your teen or college-age kid is anxious to travel again, these packing cubes from Zara make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift! They’re functional, cute and PFAS-free!

20. Heart-Shaped Push Pins

Help teens and college students keep organized with these super cute heart-shaped push pins. For less than $6, these make a great Valentine’s Day gift!

21. Journal with Prompts

Any teen can or college kid can benefit from journaling. These journals with prompts are great for those who need a little inspiration. 

We like this “Gratitude Journal” that includes a brief writing prompt or reflection that encourages teens to notice and remember what they’re grateful for.

The “Wreck This Journal” is quite unique and will likely appeal to teen boys more so than a traditional journal. It contains prompts like:

  • Write one word over and over
  • Scribble wildly, violently, with reckless abandon
  • Drip something here
  • Glue, staple or tape these pages together
  • Bring this book in the shower

22. Blank Journal

If a journal with prompts isn’t your thing, consider gifting a blank journal. This one with “Big Idea Book” on the cover will inspire any teen.

23. Daily Mantras Book

This book has 365 days of inspiration to cultivate more self-awareness, confidence and inner peace. What a great tool for teens and college kids who are going through immense growth and self-discovery.

24. Masterclass Subscription

If you can’t keep up with your teen’s latest interests (we don’t blame you!), then consider gifting them a Masterclass Subscription. This way, they can pursue their latest interests. Masterclass appeals to young adults because many of the classes are taught by celebrities and well-known experts in various field. Here’s some of the most popular classes that may appeal to the teen in your life:

25. Fun Affirmation Cards

These humorous, yet helpful affirmation cards are sure to be a hit with teens and college aged kids. Heads up, these contains some “mature humor.

26. Decorative Basket

If you’re getting multiple gifts, why not present it in a pretty basket like this one (it comes in multiple colors, including pink – perfect for Valentine’s Day!).

Thanks for reading! Hopefully this article gave you some great ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts for the teenager or college-aged kid in your life!

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