Best Gifts for Kids Who Like Astrology

Astrology is becoming more and more popular, so it’s no surprise that this is trickling down to our kids and teenagers. If you have a horoscope loving child or teenager, check out these gift suggestions they are sure to love.

Gifts for Kids and Teens Who Like Astrology

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Gift Ideas for Kids & Teens Who Like Astrology

1. Zodiac/Astrology Puzzles

These 1,000-piece puzzles are absolutely beautiful and are sure to be a challenge. The first one, called “Zodiac“, has Zodiac names, constellations and symbols that glow in the dark. The second one, called “Astrology“, shows each zodiac sign and its respective flower, bird, motto, constellation and gem. The details are truly stunning. We also love that both of these puzzles are made by a small, woman-owned company. 

2. Zodiac Jewelry Kit

Kids and teens who love astrology and take pride in their zodiac sign will enjoy making and wearing bracelets featuring their zodiac sign. This zodiac jewelry kit makes a perfect gift! It’s filled with beads featuring each zodiac letter (also known as “glyphs”). If the child you’re giving this to is new to astrology or not familiar with the various zodiac letters/glyphs, consider pairing this with an informative book (like the one that’s #12 on this list). This is truly a unique gift and one of our favorites!

3. Moon Lamp

This moon lamp makes a great gift for kids and teens who like astrology. Moon lamps similar to this have gone viral on Instagram, even among those who aren’t into astrology.

4. Moon Salt Lamp

Another good lamp for kids who like astrology is this moon salt lamp. This is such a unique item and would make a great gift. 

5. Wooden Zodiac Tiles/Coasters

These wooden tiles show both the star constellation and symbol for each zodiac sign. Kids and teens who like astrology will enjoy these. They are perfect for learning the symbols and constellations, as they show how each constellation relates to each symbol. In addition to handling and playing with these tiles, they also can serve a dual purpose as drink coasters. 

6. Moon Toothpaste

Your astrology-loving kids and teens will love this celestial-themed toothpaste. Made by the brand “Moon”, this toothpaste comes in the flavor “Lunar Peppermint”. There is a wide variety of toothpaste options (fluoride, fluoride-free, etc.) as well as teeth whitening products. This makes a great cheap and practical gift (and you can find it at Target!) 

7. Cosmic-Themed Skin Care

We love these fun, yet practical cosmic-themed skin care items. They make such unique gifts! First, we have a “Full Moon” face sponge made of konjac, 100% plant-based gentle cleansing fiber. The full moon carries significance and symbology in astrology. Why not pair the face sponge with a facial cleanser? Even the most basic skin care routine can use a face wash and this Cosmic face wash fits the theme perfectly! Kids of all ages will also have fun using this “Cosmic Clay Face Mask” from Pacifica. And we love the fact it’s shaped like a crescent moon!

8. Cosmic-Themed Make-Up

If your astrology, horoscope-loving kid also loves make-up (or wants to start dabbling in make-up, then these eyeshadow palettes are a perfect match! The Pacifica Cosmic Reflect palette features colors such as: Cosmic, Starchild and Milky Way. The Pacifica Moonflower Otherworldly palette features colors such as: Luna, Celestial, Moonray and Eclipse.

We think pre-teens and teens will also like this crystal themed make-up. Although not directly correlated to astrology, crystals and astrology are closely linked. Also made by Pacifica, we like this “Crystals Supercharged Extending Mineral Mascara“. It’s actually made with rose quartz. We love that it’s an affordable mascara that’s rated a 2 from the Environmental Working Group. Another make-up product that’s infused with crystals is this “Rose Quartz Crystal Gemstone” eyeshadow palette from Aether Beauty. This is great if you’re wanting something higher end. We love this brand of make-up for their sustainability and ethical practices, as well as their non-toxic and clean ingredients. We would feel comfortable with our own kids using this eyeshadow palette. 

9. Zodiac Coloring Book

Kids young and old alike will enjoy these zodiac-themed coloring books. The “Coloring the Zodiac” coloring book contains the symbol, character and constellation of each zodiac sign, along with pages of pure celestial, decorative and pattern designs. The second coloring book, “Color the Zodiac“, has “alluring illustrations of all twelve zodiac signs to color, each page featuring insights into the strengths, weaknesses and cosmic significance of every one.”

10. Moon Shower Curtain

If the astrology-obsessed kid in your life has their own bathroom, consider gifting them this moon shower curtain. We love the modern design and various moon phases it depicts. 

11. Star & Moon Sheets

If your child likes to “read the stars”, then they may enjoy laying among the stars with this star and moon sheet set from Target.

12. Kid-Friendly Astrology Book

If your kid, pre-teen or teen is showing an interest in astrology, get them this kid-friendly astrology book. Made by the trusted DK Publishing, this book is informative and fun!

12. Law of Attraction 12 Month Planner

This Law of Attraction 12 Month Planner will get the child in your life excited about mapping out their plans and goals. The cover is absolutely gorgeous and will win over any child or teen who loves astrology. It also comes in multiple colors! And yes, it comes with stickers!

Thanks for reading! Hopefully this article was inspirational and helpful in providing gift ideas for kids, pre-teens and teens who like astrology. 

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