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The Nugget | Unique & Alternative Ways to Use the Nugget Comfort

The Nugget | Unique and Alternative Ways to Use the Nugget Comfort

The Nugget Comfort couch is growing in popularity.  We have had the Nugget couch well before the craze. To read more about the Nugget couch and hear our full review, click here.

Essentially, the Nugget Comfort is a kid’s couch made of foam that deconstructs and can also be played with as a toy.  

There are endless ways to play with the Nugget and creative kids and parents have come up with such great configurations.

Nugget Couch Review
Ways to Play with the Nugget Couch

In addition, many have come up with unique and alternative ways to use the Nugget that fall outside the realm of a kid’s toy or furniture.  

We’ve put together a list of some of the unique and alternate ways you can use the Nugget:

1| Physical or Occupational Therapy

The Nugget has been used by both Physical and Occupational therapists.  The Nugget couch can be used as a tool to help improve both physical and developmental skills.  It is also used by parents and kids outside of Physical and Occupational therapy to work on the same skills.  The Nugget can help with strength, balance, coordination, attention, speech, communication, teamwork, visual and spatial perception, pretend play skills and praxis skills (to name a few).

Nugget Couch | Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy

2| Dorm Room

The small size and portability make the Nugget couch perfect for dorm room and college situations.  The Nugget was actually originally created for the college market to replace bulky, wasteful, and easily breakable futons.  Once the makers of the Nugget realized they appealed more to kids, the marketing strategy changed. More on the history of the Nugget here.  So perhaps using the Nugget in a dorm room isn’t such a unique use for the Nugget, but it’s different than its current marketed purpose nonetheless.

Nugget Comfort Couch College Dorm Room

3| RV or Camper

Nugget Couch RV Camper

Many people are taking their Nuggets on the road in their RVs (Recreational Vehicles) or Campers.  The Nugget and RV life go hand-in-hand. The Nugget is compact and multi-functional, which is a must-have for such a small space.  It can be used as seating, for sleeping or both!

4| Adult Couch

The Nugget is meant to be a kid’s couch and sits low to the ground.  However, many people are buying multiple Nuggets to make a couch (or sectional) appropriate for adults.  By stacking multiple Nuggets on top of each other, you can create an-adult sized couch. Some benefits to making a couch out of Nuggets is that it can be cheaper than a traditional couch, is more versatile and has washable covers which can also be replaced with other colors/designs.

5| Lounger for Adult

Who says kids get to have all the fun.  Many adults enjoy using their Nugget as a lounger.  Even without kids, the Nugget can be a great addition to a home without replacing the traditional couch.  It’s a perfect spot for reading, watching t.v. or relaxing. It also makes a great spot for breastfeeding!

Here is a dreamy set-up from the Nugget Comfort Facebook page photographed by @homebykegan:

6| Gaming Chair

Nugget Couch Video Gaming Chair

The Nugget makes a great chair for playing video games.  It’s comfortable, low to the ground and can accommodate multiple players.

7| Ottomon

Nugget Couch Ottoman

The Nugget makes a great ottomon.  You can fold the two base pieces of the Nugget and either stack them on top of each other or keep them seperate.  It’s soft enough to prop up your feet on, yet sturdy enough to place a coaster and glass of water on.

8| Game Night

Ready for game night?  Similar to the ottomon configuration, the Nugget is a perfect place to sit on the floor and gather around for a card game or board game.

Nugget Couch Game Night Board Games Cards

9| Sleepovers

Kids, tween, teens, even adults could all use a Nugget during a sleepover.  Gone are the days of sleeping bags on the floor!

Nugget Couch Sleepovers

10| "Nugget After Dark"

Nugget After Dark Nugget Comfort Couch

This phrase has popped up in Nugget communities in talking about what two adults do on their child’s Nugget after dark…adult play time if you will.  Use your imagination. “No Nugget After Dark” has also become a popular disclosure people are making when selling their Nugget second-hand.

To learn more about Nugget After Dark click here:

11| Recovering from Surgery/Injury

Recovering from Injury or Surgery | The Nugget Comfort Couch

Depending on what type of surgery or injury you’re recovering from, the Nugget could be the perfect recovery spot.  The triangle pieces, for instance, are perfect for propping up an arm or a leg.

12| Stretching/Yoga

The Nugget Comfort Couch | Yoga and Stretching

Some people stretch or do yoga on their Nugget (though it might make some yogis cringe).  The triangle pieces can also be strategically used in this. Need to stretch out your back?  Try leaning on the triangle pieces.

13| Christmas Tree

Whether you want to skip putting up a traditional Christmas tree or just add Christmas cheer to your home, the Nugget Comfort can be configured to look like a tree.  You can even decorate it with felt, garland or lights. Here is just one example taken from The Nugget Comfort’s facebook page (note: Nugget is in the color Beanstalk):

Nugget Comfort Couch Christmas Tree

14| Newborn Photography

Nugget Comfort | Newborn Photography

Whether you’re a professional photographer or simply a mom trying to get some good newborn photos, the Nugget is a great aid in newborn photography.  It acts as a soft and pliable surface to place the baby on. You can manipulate the cushion to different angles and drape different fabrics over the Nugget for different looks. 

15| Dog Bed

Of course there are cheaper dog beds on the market than the Nugget, but if you have a dog, chances are it will love the Nugget just as much as everyone else in the family!  


To demonstrate, here’s an image some images taken from the Nugget Comfort facebook page:

Nugget Comfort Couch Dog Bed

Hopefully this list has been informative and inspiring.  Perhaps this helped you realize the Nugget Comfort is the perfect solution to your space even though you won’t be using it for its marketed purpose.  Some of these ways to use the Nugget may not be reason in and of themselves to buy the Nugget, but may help you get more use out of your Nugget (and justify the price if you’re on the fence!).

We’d love to hear what unique and alternative ways you’ve come up with to use your Nugget (or see your pictures!).  You can e-mail us or find us on Instagram @modernmindfulmom!

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