Our New Favorite Way to Use the Nugget Comfort Couch!

Our New Favorite Way to Use the Nugget Couch

If you’re reading this, you probably already know what a Nugget Comfort is!  If you don’t, it’s basically a kid-sized foam couch that has exploded in popularity.  We’ve owned a Nugget well before they became so popular and can personally attest that they are worth the hype! 

We’ve written several articles on the Nugget -you can click below to read them!

Nugget Comfort Couch | Koala Gray

In our article about the unique ways to use the Nugget, we discuss how there are plenty of ways to use the Nugget Comfort outside the realm of kid’s toy or kid’s furniture.  It can be used by college students in a dorm room, used by gamers or used as a prop for newborn photography, just to name a few!  In our list, we also mentioned that the Nugget Comfort would be good to use in an RV or Camper.  But since we wrote this article, we found our new favorite way to use the Nugget – for camping in a Tesla!

Whether you own a Tesla, it’s on your bucket list, or you’re just curious about how this works, read on!

Camp Mode temperature tesla

“Camping” in a Tesla is a unique experience to this brand.  The rear seats fold flat, which makes space for you to fully lay down in the back (your legs will be in the trunk).  Many cars have this space and feature, but what sets Tesla apart is their “camping” setting.  The “camping” setting keeps the inside of the car at comfortable and livable temperatures for long periods of time (i.e. overnight).  So whether it’s in the heat of summer or the dead of winter, you can sleep (or “camp”) in your Tesla.  

Because of this unique experience offered by Tesla, there are several mattresses on the market made specifically to fit in the back of Teslas.  These specifically-sized mattresses will run you several hundreds of dollars (some well over $1K!).  Many air mattresses will also fit in the back of a Tesla.

But we found that the Nugget Comfort fits in the back of the Tesla, making it the perfect companion for camping in the Tesla!  This is our new favorite way to use the Nugget.

tesla camping trunk view nugget

Here’s what the Nugget looks like in the back of our Tesla Model 3.  This is the smallest of the Teslas, so it will also fit in all the other models!

We just brought in the softer, thinner piece of the Nugget.  We find it more comfortable to sleep on and it takes up less space.

Obviously, it doesn’t fill out the space completely, like a mattress made specifically for the Tesla would, but that’s okay by us!

tesla camping interior nugget

Why spends hundreds of dollars on a Tesla mattress when we already spent hundreds of dollars on a Nugget and can just use this!?  And once we’re done “camping”, the mattress won’t just sit collecting dust – because let’s be real, how many times are we actually going to do this!  The Nugget has already paid for itself over and over with the joy it’s brought our family.

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