Nugget Couch Accessories | Fun Add-Ons for Your Nugget Play Couch

We’ve put together a list of the most popular Nugget couch accessories.  

Nugget Couch Accessories

The Nugget Comfort play couch is the latest craze among kids and parents alike.  One of the reasons we love the Nugget couch is because it’s so versatile and open-ended.  It can be manipulated and played with in endless ways. It provides hours of entertainment.  

Though you don’t need anything in addition to the Nugget to appreciate its full glory, many Nugget owners are finding fun and unique ways to accessorize their Nugget.

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We’ve compiled a list of the best Nugget couch accessories (with links included!):

1| Felt

The Nugget Comfort is made of microsuede, with the exception of one color, Harbour, which is made of a textured, double-brushed suede.  Due to the nature of the fabric, felt pieces easily stick to the Nugget. Felt sticks to both fabrics Nugget makes (the original microsuede and double-brushed suede used on Harbour), but some argue that felt doesn’t stick as well as on Harbour as it does to the original Nugget fabric. 

This opens up tons of possibilities to play with the Nugget.  Kids can use the Nugget as a felt board or use felt to decorate and transform the Nugget.  You can buy pre-made felt kits (some examples below), or buy sheets of felts to make your own felt pieces.  For instance, you could cut out shapes for your child to play with and help teach concepts such as shapes, sizes and colors.  You can also use felt pieces for imaginative play. You can transform your Nugget into a house or car by cutting out windows, wheels or a steering wheel.  The possibilities are truly endless!

Where to Buy?


Etsy has a ton of unique felt pieces to choose from and is probably your best bet for accessorizing your Nugget.  Here’s some we love:

Solar System Set by shop ShopCandylandStudio

Old MacDonald Had a Farm Set by Storytellingfun

Three Little Pigs Set by KidInMeCreations


Felt pieces and felt sets often pop up in the Dollar Spot at Target.


Similar to Target, your best bet is to find felt pieces in-store vs on-line.


Craft Stores

Craft stores like Jo-Ann Fabrics and Michaels have a great selection of felt pieces that compliment the Nugget.


2| Campfire and S'mores Set

Campfire Sets for Your Nugget

One popular configuration of the Nugget is a tent set-up.  Here are some examples taken from the Nugget Comfort website:



Nugget Couch - Tent

What better way to accessorize a tent than with a campfire and s’mores?!  A play campfire is a very popular Nugget couch accessory. 

There are several options of campfire and s’more sets at different price points to choose from:


 The campfire and s’mores set from Fisher-Price is the most affordable option.

Magic Cabin

 Here’s a great campfire and s’mores set from Magic Cabin.  

Or if you just want a play campfire, here is an affordable one made of felt:


Another great place to get a play campfire and s’mores set for you Nugget is Etsy.  We love supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs!

We love this campfire set set from Etsy shop DomesticObjects:

3| Rug

Many people are getting rugs to go with their Nugget. The Nugget can be used on hardwood floors, but most would agree that having the Nugget on a rug enhances the overall experience.  Certain Nugget configurations are simply impossible on a wood floor as the Nugget will just slip. Having the Nugget on a rug also adds to the safety of kids using the Nugget. Finally, many enjoy the design aspect of pairing a rug with their Nugget.  Finding the perfect rug that compliments your Nugget is a fun and rewarding endeavor. For those that have multiple Nuggets in multiple colors, finding the perfect rug may be a bit more challenging.  Buying a rug is often the first Nugget couch accessory people end up buying!

Where to Buy?  Check out Overstock or Target!

4| Throw Pillows

Another great accessory that goes great with the Nugget Comfort couch are throw pillows. Throw pillows add to the function and beauty of the Nugget. With throw pillows alone, you can make the Nugget look sleek and sophisticated or fun and whimsical. 


Here’s some ideas for some inspiration:

1 | Rainbow Throw Pillow from Rainbow Throw Pillow                     

2| Pom Pom Pillows from PB Teen (they’re organic!)   

5| Blankets

Blankets are a great accessory for the Nugget couch, specifically throw blankets. They are multi-purpose. Similar to throw blankets on traditional couches, they are decorative as well as practical. You can snuggle up with them to get cozy or use it on cold days to keep warm. Blankets will also take your Nugget forts to the next level. 

6| Sarah's Silks

Sarah’s Silks are quite popular among many Nugget owners. Sarah’s Silks are playsilks – essentially pieces of silk meant for open ended play.  Similar to the Nugget, they are can be used in various ways by various age groups. For instance, Sarah’s silks are can be tied on as capes, sat on, cuddled under or used in fort building.  There’s a color to compliment your Nugget – rainbow colors, Earth colors and multi-colored silks.

7| Wobbel Board

The Wobbel Board is a wooden balance board.  Just like the Nugget, the Wobbel Board is an open-ended toy that be used in various ways.  It pairs nicely with the Nugget. There are endless ways to play. For instance, the Wobbel Board can be used to climb on the Nugget or slide off the Nugget. 

The Wobbel Board is one of the most popular Nugget couch accessories.

8| Indoor Climbing Structure

The Nugget is great for active kids!  It can be manipulated, climbed on, jumped off, etc.  It’s a great tool for kids to get their energy out.

Rock Wall

If you’re handy (or want to hire someone who is!), how about a rock climbing wall for the playroom?  The Nugget makes a great crash and landing pad!

Pikler Triangle

The Pikler Triangle is an indoor climbing structure especially popular in Montessori homes.  You can also add various accessories like a wooden slide or rock climbing wall.


Related Article:  What’s a Pikler Triangle?

Indoor Climbing

This is another good option for indoor climbing.


EZ Play Gym

If you’re looking for a larger indoor play structure, check out EZ Play Gym.  They have various play gyms that can be configured in multiple ways. 

9| Gonge Riverstones or Gonge Hilltops

The Gonge Riverstones and Hilltops are popular among parents and kids alike.  Kids like walking, climbing and balancing on them.  The major difference between the two is that the Riverstones are lower to the ground and the Hilltops are taller and steeper.

P.S. Target also has something similar (& cheaper) called Antsy Pants Stepping Stones.



10| String Lights

You can use string lights to accessorize the Nugget.  This can be especially fun after dark (not to be confused with “Nugget After Dark”).  Battery-powered string lights are probably your best bet, as they’re more convenient and less likely to contain lead (make sure they don’t have the Prop 65 warning!).

Click here to read more about “Nugget After Dark” & other alternative uses for the Nugget!

11| Christmas Tree Accessories

Nugget Comfort Couch Christmas Tree

During the holiday season, the Nugget can act as a Christmas Tree.  There are various ways to accessorize and decorate your Nugget Christmas tree.  A very popular Nugget tree decoration is using star pillows for the topper, which can typically be found at Target around the holidays.  

You can also decorate your Nugget Christmas tree with other things previously mentioned, such as lights, felt and felt garland.

12| Indoor Snowballs

It doesn’t have to be winter to have a snowball fight when you have the Nugget and indoor snowballs.

Nugget Couch Accessories | Summary

Hopefully this article has provided some inspiration and ideas on how you can accessorize your Nugget!



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