Nugget After Dark | A World You Probably Never Knew Existed

If you’ve heard the term “Nugget After Dark” and want to know more, you’ve come to the right place!  Nugget After Dark started as one thing, evolved into something new and has taken on a life of its own.  Nugget After Dark has been getting a lot of press lately, so let’s get into it!

Nugget After Dark

The Nugget Couch

Nugget Couch Review

The Nugget couch, more properly known as the Nugget Comfort, is a very popular kids foam couch that retails for $229.  It’s part-furniture, part-toy.  It can be disassembled and used for building, climbing and playing.

The Nugget has grown in popularity like crazy the past few years.  We bought ours before they became popular and wrote about it here.  Word of mouth is the the main reason this product is super sought after.  The company can’t keep up with the demand.  

There are multiple Facebook groups devoted to the Nugget, made up mostly of moms.  The most popular Facebook group (and first) has over 65K members (at the time of this article) and is called “Nugget Comfort Chatter & BST”.

Many moms are obsessed with the Nugget.  We’re fans ourselves!  It’s multi-functional, open-ended and great for all ages.  We’ve even used it in our Tesla.

In these Nugget fan groups, people talk about their Nugget “builds” and “scores” – and yes, there is Nugget lingo, almost a secret language in the Nugget world.  You’ll feel lost until you pick it up.  People talk about the colors (there are many – many limited edition), share pictures of their playroom and their kids enjoying the Nugget. 

Getting your hands on a Nugget isn’t easy.  Back when we purchased ours, it was a simple and easy process…simply go to the website and click “add to cart”.  Then thanks to word of mouth marketing, Nuggets began selling out.  Nugget introduced a new method of buying called “drops”, where they would announce the release of a bunch of Nuggets at a certain day/time.  At first, these drops would be weeks long, then days.  But then the drops started selling out within minutes!  Only a select few with fast fingers could get their hands on a Nugget – and even then, fast fingers weren’t always enough.  Thousands (yes thousands!) of people came away disappointed.  Then Nugget introduced the “lotto”.  This is where you could sign up for a chance to buy the Nugget.  This lasted for several weeks.  Currently, you can buy a Nugget on “backorder”.  This means you can place your order, but it won’t ship immediately (you also won’t be billed until it ships).  Nugget is stating they will ship by end of April. 

With the crazy demand for Nuggets, many are turning to buying/selling among each other.  Most of this buying/selling takes place in the Facebook groups.  Some sell used Nuggets, some sell new in box Nuggets (NIB).  Very few sell at or below the sales price.  Most sell well over the sales price given the current market demand.  DOND (deal or no deal) is a popular method of selling Nuggets where essentially highest bidder gets the Nugget.  We have seen Nuggets go for over $1,000!  There are also “retired” colors that will fetch lots of money in the hands of the right buyer.  

Nugget After Dark

So what is “Nugget After Dark”?  

This term first popped up in the BST (buy/sell/trade) Facebook Groups.  

“No Nugget After Dark” was often a selling point when selling a used Nugget.  It means no lovemaking was done on the Nugget (put in PG terms).

Yes, many parents have found the Nugget to be a perfect place for “playing” once the kids go to bed.  

“Nugget After Dark” then became a popular Facebook group….more on this below.

Nugget After Dark Facebook Group

Nugget After Dark Facebook

The “Nugget After Dark” Facebook group is a private group with over 19,000 members.  

The group is a place to discuss all things sex.  The Nugget is rarely discussed or brought up.  It’s mostly a place where people discuss sex lives, ask questions and give advice.  

Getting in the Nugget After Dark Facebook group (also known as NAD) may be more difficult than your hands on a Nugget.  This is after it’s blown up in social media circles.  The group was created to be a safe space, with the Nugget being a common thread.  With word getting out about the Nugget After Dark Facebook group, the requests to join have skyrocketed.  

The current requirements to join is to have a Facebook account greater than a year old and to answer all the questions asked when requesting to join.  Currently, the Facebook group is private and unsearchable, so you have to be invited by a current member!

P.S. There is another Nugget After Dark Facebook Group with about 2k members.  This isn’t the original Nugget After Dark Group.  The original one discussed above has 3 heart emojis in the name.

NOTE:  Since the original publication of this article, the original Nugget After Dark Facebook group mentioned above has been removed from Facebook.  We are in no way affiliated with this group.  We don’t know if it was removed voluntarily or not.  If anyone has additional details, we would love to hear from you!  Let us know

Nugget After Dark in the Media

The “Nugget After Dark” Facebook page first came to light in a BuzzFeed article all about the Nugget.

However, the Nugget After Dark community gained even more notorioty when a TikTok mentioning the group went viral.

This TikTok video was made by @pushingastrollerinheels.  Due to the publicity, she recently changed her name to “Nugget CMO”!  This video has almost 11 MILLION views, 3M likes and over 25k comments!

To watch the viral Nugget TikTok, click here! (FULL TRANSCRIPT BELOW)

What’s something that’s not a cult but seems like a cult?

Oh let’s talk about the Nugget.

The Nugget is a piece of children’s furniture or, slash toy. The demand for them is so high that the resale value for them is insane.  They cost $225, you can resell them for up to $500, if not more.

The thing is, is the groups..the mom groups dedicated to the Nugget.

First of all, these women are buying Nuggets for children that aren’t even a year old. Some of them have literally bought $2500 and replaced their actual living room furniture with these couches.

The thing is is that you photograph your husband sitting on top of the Nugget box when it gets delivered.  With the less clothes the better. Literally someone just recently posted her husband ass naked on top of the box. 

And then if you reach the upper echelon of Nugget moms, you get to join “Nugget After Dark” which is basically a group where they just talk about banging all over their children’s furniture.

This sounds like satire, but it isn’t.

So now you’re caught up on all things Nugget After Dark.  If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out to us and we may update this article.

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