Do Mockingbird Strollers Ever Go On Sale?

Do Mockingbird Strollers Ever Go On Sale?

Mockingbird is a popular stroller for new parents.  They are known for offering “luxury for less”.  Mockingbird offers both a single strollers, as well as a convertible stroller that converts from single to double.

Even with the lower price tag, no one wants to pay more than they have to!  Let’s go over how to get the best deal on the Mockingbird stroller.

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Do Mockingbird Strollers Ever Go On Sale?

No, Mockingbird Strollers do not go on sale.  

The price you see on their website is the only price you will find. 

The Mockingbird website & Target are the only authorized retailers where the Mockingbird is sold.

Read more about the Mockingbird at Target here.

Where to Buy the Mockingbird Stroller for the Best Deal

Before Mockingbird started selling in Target, the best place to buy the Mockingbird stroller was direct from their website. This is the only place they were sold.  

Mockingbird started out as a “direct-to-consumer” company.  This helped keep their costs down.

However, now select Mockingbird strollers are sold in Target.

If you have a Target Red Card, you will actually get the best price on a Mockingbird stroller from Target.

If you do see Mockingbird strollers for sale anywhere else other than their website, or Target, don’t buy it.  It may not be genuine and you won’t be able to receive any future support from Mockingbird.  

The only place you should be buying a Mockingbird strollers is directly from their website or from Target!  Unless buying second-hand, of course, which we fully support!

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Do Mockingbird Strollers Ever Go On Sale?
Do Mockingbird Strollers Ever Go On Sale?


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