Best Gifts for Kids Who Like to Cook

If the child in your life has shown an interest in cooking, then consider gifting them items to facilitate this interest.  We put together a list of gifts for kids who like to cook.  No matter the age or skill level, you’re sure to find some ideas. 

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Best Gift Ideas for Kids Who Like to Cook

Here’s our list of the best gift ideas for kids who like to cook:

Hand Mixer: A hand mixer is a must-have in the kitchen.  Kids often find hand mixers easier to use than the big, bulky stand mixers.  There are hand mixers at a variety of price points, but we recommend investing in a high quality one, like this KitchenAid one.  

Fun Waffle Maker: Who doesn’t love waffles?  Waffles are a good dish  to make for beginners (with supervison of course!).  Get your child their own fun waffle maker!  No matter their interests, you can likely find a corresponding waffle maker.  How adorable is this Baby Yoda waffle maker?  We also love this Mickey waffle maker!  It’s a little pricier, but it makes the same mini Mickey waffles you’ll find in the Disney parks!

Mixing Bowls: Get the kid who loves to cook their own set of mixing bowls.  It doesn’t seem so exciting, but will likely be a frequently used item.  We like this set for kids because of the non-toxic materials.  Also due to the fact it’s lightweight and the silicone bottom will help keep the bowl in place.

Layered Cake Pan: Layered cakes are all the rage.  These cake pans make it easier than ever. You don’t even need to be a pro baker – one box of cake mix is all that is needed.  Add in some food coloring, and kids can make a fun colored layered cake!

Electric Salt/Pepper Mill: What kid doesn’t love gizmos and gadgets?  An electric salt/pepper mill makes helping in the kitchen a tad more fun!  With the push of a button, kids can easily season food.

Ice Cream Maker for kids

Ice Cream Maker: For less than $20, kids can have fun making their own ice cream with this cute ice cream maker.  Kids can experiment with different flavors and mix-ins.

Rotary Cheese Grater: Freshly grated cheese can elevate any Italian meal.  Kids will have fun operating this easy-to-use rotary cheese grater

Their Own Cooking Utensils: Get kids kitchen utensils they can call their own.  We like this brandGIR: Get It Right from Target.  They’re made of silicone (with the exception of the whisks, which are made of silicone and stainless steel).  They come in a variety of fun colors (or neutrals, if that’s more your style).  They have all you’re basics (spoon, spatula, whisk) as well as the less conventional, but super popular “spoonula“.  We also like that this collection comes in both standard sizes and mini sizes – the minis are perfect for little ones!

Kitchen Helper: For the youngest ones, consider getting a kitchen helper.  This is a splurge item but is well worth it in our opinion.  Kitchen helpers allow toddlers and young children to reach the kitchen countertops in a safer way.  We have this one (by Sprout Kids) and love it!  

Sprinkles: Sprinkles make a cheap but fabulous gift for kids who like to cook.  Sprinkles can be used for far more than just baking and decorating (though they’re great for that too!).  They can be added to so many things – waffles, pancakes, pudding, yogurt….the list goes on.  Sprinkles can jazz up a dish – give it a try.  Let kids use their imagination and creativity in the kitchen by gifting them sprinkles!  


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