Waterproof Covers for the Nugget: Couch Swag Review

In this article, we’ll be discussing waterproof covers for the Nugget (or probably more appropriately referred to as waterproof liners) – do you need them and what brand should you buy? We’ll be sharing our review of the Couch Swag covers (our pick), and why we love them!

P.S. If you have the Sam’s Club Members Mark Kids’ Explorer Sofa or the Okoelli Comfort Couch, you’re in luck, as these waterproof liners will also work for you!

Waterproof Liner Nugget Couch Swag

Thank you to Couch Swag for sending us a set of your liners for our review!

Is the Nugget Waterproof? Do You Need a Separate Waterproof Cover?

The Nugget couch is not waterproof. Although the fabric of the Nugget covers is thicker, if you’re not quick to wipe up a spill, it will permeate the fabric and get in the foam. Depending on the extent of the spill, you may be able to salvage the Nugget with minimal damage, or it could be completely ruined.

Luckily, there’s a solution: waterproof liners. There are various brands that make waterproof covers/liners for the Nugget (more on that below). These waterproof covers/liners are not meant to replace the covers the Nugget comes with, but are meant to go under them.

So do you need to buy separate waterproof covers for your Nugget? We think it’s a good idea! And for more reasons than you might think!

7 Reasons to Get Waterproof Covers for Your Nugget

If you’re on the fence about whether or not you should get separate waterproof covers/liners, here’s 7 reasons why you may want to:

1. Protect the foam from food & drink spills

Protecting your Nugget from food and drink spills is probably the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about making your Nugget waterproof. If there’s any chance your child will be eating or drinking on the Nugget, there’s also a high probability your child will be spilling their food and/or drink on the Nugget! Even if you just spill water and it permeates through the foam, it can be a hassle to dry out. Wet foam can be a breeding ground for mildew and mold.

2. Protect the foam from unsanitary messes

Food and drink spills are one thing, but it’s the unsanitary messes we’re most concerned about. You know the kind – throw up, diaper blow outs, potty accidents, spit up, blood….we think we covered them all! Kids and pets can do some real damage to your Nugget. Even if you don’t allow food or drinks on the Nugget, these types of unsanitary messes can’t always be prevented. They are also a huge hassle to clean up and unfortunately, the Nugget can’t always be salvaged depending on how bad the situation. However, if you have a waterproof cover/liner underneath the normal cover, the chances of survival are greater – plus cleaning up is much easier!

3. Protects against dust mites and other allergens

Did you know that foam can be a breeding ground for dust mites? This isn’t good for our little ones (or anyone really), but especially families with allergies. In a study found on PubMed, researchers studied the amount of mite feces (an indicator of mite allergens) in foam mattresses. They found that the amount of mite feces were 8 times higher in foam mattresses without a cover than foam mattresses with a cover. We aren’t scientists, but think having a waterproof cover on our Nugget helps keep the dust mites and other allergens at bay.

4. Protect the foam while you’re washing the cover

Having liners under the Nugget covers are not only good for spills, but protecting the foam while you wash the normal covers. A naked Nugget is very vulnerable. Unfixable damage can happen in the blink of an eye  – for instance, the foam can be torn apart or marked up with markers.

We learned this the hard way. Before we had our Couch Swag Nugget liners, our dog started “digging” on our naked Nugget while the covers were in the wash – and took out quite a few chunks of foam in the process. 

Nugget Couch Foam Dog Damage

Yes, at some point, you’ll have to wash your waterproof liners, leaving your Nugget naked and vulnerable, but most people wash their regular covers more frequently than they need to wash the liners. 

5. The Nugget (and other play couches) are expensive!

The Nugget and similar style play couches cost over $200 – so how can you protect your Nugget couch? Many find it worth it to get waterproof liners to protect their expensive item. Given the nature of the product, the likelihood of something happening (i.e. spills/accidents) is just too great, and the cost of the Nugget is just too high to take that risk

6. If/when you sell second-hand, you’ll get more money

Back before Nugget was able to keep up with demand, used Nuggets were often selling for over the sales price. This isn’t the case anymore. However, you can most likely sell your used Nugget and get a good portion of your money back.

How much you can ask for and how much you’ll get, will depend in part on what condition your Nugget is in. If your Nugget is in great shape, you can ask for more money when you go to sell. However, if your Nugget, specifically the foam, has stains, smells, or chunks of foam missing, you won’t be able to get as much (if you’re even successful in selling it in the first place). 

7. Reusable Waterproof Covers are more environmentally friendly than disposable waterproof liners

Before there were fitted waterproof liners available for the Nugget, many people improvised and put disposable waterproof pads (or puppy pads) underneath their Nugget covers. Nugget themselves actually recommended putting a disposable pad (used for bed wetting) between the foam and cover to those who were concerned about spills.

However, we much prefer investing in a reusable waterproof cover/liner. It is much more environmentally friendly than disposable pads, not to mention more efficient at protecting the foam. It protects the entire Nugget, as opposed to a smaller area that is covered by the disposable pad. 

What is Couch Swag?

Couch Swag tag on nugget
Couch Swag Waterproof Cover

Couch Swag is a U.S. based company that makes waterproof liners designed to protect your Nugget Comfort couch (or similarly configured play couch). They are not affiliated with the Nugget or any other play couch brand, but rather provide an aftermarket product that works with these brands. 


Couch Swag Coffee Shop Play Panel
Couch Swag Vet Office Play Panel

Couch Swag also recently introduced an additional product called Play Panels that come in various designs and attach via velcro to your play couch. The Play Panels are a great accessory that extends the play possibilities of the play couch for children.

Compatible Play Couches: The Couch Swag waterproof covers should fit any play couch with the same dimensions as the Nugget. Check out this article to learn more about the various Nugget couch alternatives. Couch Swag specifically mentions their waterproof covers are compatible with the following play couches on their website:

  1. Nugget Comfort
  2. Sam’s Club Members Mark Kids’ Explorer Sofa
  3. Okoelli Comfort Couch

The Founder: Couch Swag was founded by Kelly, a stay-at-home mom of two young girls. “My kid’s play couch became one of the most popular items in the house. They used it for watching movies, building forts and using their imaginations to create their own little world. The couch however, was taking a hit – between spilling drinks, snack time and just some little accidents. I needed a solution to save my expensive couch!” 

How it works: The Couch Swag waterproof covers come with 6 separate pieces in the set – 2 for the triangle pieces, 2 for the thick base cushion, and 2 for the thin plush cushions. The covers are designed to fit the Nugget couch perfectly (or similarly configured play couch). The Couch Swag liners zip and fully encompass each cushion. You then place the normal Nugget/play couch covers over top and voila, you have a waterproof liner to catch any spills! (The Couch Swag waterproof covers are not meant to replace the original covers, only to go under them). The Couch Swag liners are then machine washable – simply wash in cold water and hang to air dry. 

Material: The Couch Swag waterproof liners are made with 100% polyester and backed with 100% polyurethane laminate to keep the foam dry and clean.

Price: $69.95 

Where to Buy: You can buy the Couch Swag waterproof covers for the Nugget direct from their website or from Amazon. If buying direct, you also have the option to pay in 4 interest-free installments of $17.48 with ShopPay. 

You can also keep up with Couch Swag on Instagram @thecouchswag

Which Waterproof Liners? Why Couch Swag?

There are a couple of other brands of waterproof couch covers/liners for the Nugget. The concept is all pretty much the same – zippered waterproof covers/liners that encompass the foam but sit under the cover. Let’s compare:

1. “Never Nude” by Created by Couture

Just like the Couch Swag covers, the Never Nudes are double-lined with 100% polyurethane for waterproofing and 100% polyester. The Couch Swag waterproof covers are less expensive than the Never Nudes, which sell for $89.

2. Nugget Comfort

Nugget started making and selling their own waterproof covers after seeing the high demand from their customers (starting January 2022). Just like the Couch Swag covers, they are double-lined with 100% polyurethane for waterproofing and 100% polyester. The Couch Swag waterproof covers are less expensive than Nugget’s, which sell for $99.

The recommended care for the Couch Swag waterproof covers vs. the alternatives are all the same – zip, wash in cold water and hang to dry. 

Bottom-line: We like the Couch Swag waterproof liners for the Nugget the best – not only are we supporting a small business, but they’re the least expensive option!

Review: Couch Swag Waterproof Covers for the Nugget

We put the Couch Swag waterproof covers for the Nugget to the test! Keep reading to see how they held up!

Shipping and Packaging:

The Couch Swag waterproof liners for the Nugget came super fast! Here’s how they were packaged in a box: 

Couch Swag Nugget couch Liner Package

Putting the Waterproof Liners On the Cushions:

We were shocked how easy it was to put on the Couch Swag liners! They were actually much easier to put on than the Nugget covers. 
It was a simple and quick process!
Couch Swag Nugget Liner half on triangle

Putting the Covers on Over the Couch Swag Waterproof Liners:

The normal Nugget covers were a breeze to put on over the Couch Swag liners.

Having the liners on actually made putting the Nugget covers on much easier. The outside of the Couch Swag liners are smooth and slick, making it super easy to slide the Nugget covers on.  

Putting the Nugget covers on is our least favorite thing about owning the Nugget. The foam is so grippy against the inside of the normal Nugget covers which makes putting them on a bit difficult. We’re thrilled to come across this “hack” for making this task easier. 

Couch Swag Liner on Nugget triangle

The Overall Look and Feel:

Here’s what our Nugget looks like fully covered by our Couch Swag liners. We love the aesthetic – when we are washing the covers, this looks much better than our yellowed foam (which yes, is 100% normal).

Couch Swag on Nugget

With the Couch Swag liners on, the Nugget is more slick and slippery – probably why it’s recommended to only use them under your covers and not in place of your normal covers. The normal covers give better grip for building and climbing!

P.S. The long white tags just contain the washing instructions. You could remove them, but they don’t bother us. And aren’t noticeable once the normal covers are on.

Below is a picture showing one of the triangle pieces with the Couch Swag liner underneath. They liners fit nice and snug. There are no unsightly creases or wrinkles caused by the liners. 

Couch Swag Liner on and under Nugget triangle

There are no obnoxious crinkly or crunchy noises caused by the liners when sitting, jumping or playing. It’s hardly noticeable that there are waterproof liners underneath. They certainly don’t take anything away from the function or fun that the Nugget (or other play couch) provides.

Waterproof Test:

Now for the real test – do the Couch Swag waterproof liners actually work? As shown below, we poured water directly on the covers. After a few minutes, some of the water was absorbed….but we took off the cover and found the foam to be completely dry! Any of the water that penetrated was absorbed into the liner and not the foam!
Couch Swag Nugget Spill Test
Couch Swag Nugget Spill Test
Couch Swag Nugget Soak Through Test
Like any of the Nugget waterproof liners on the market, we wouldn’t expect to be able to throw the Nugget in the ocean and the liners be able to keep the foam completely dry. The various waterproof liners on the market for the Nugget are probably better described as water resistant. The technical definition of water resistant is that it’s able to resist the penetration of water to a certain degree, but not entirely. Waterproof technically means that it’s impermeable to water, no matter how much time it spends fully submerged in water.
However, the Couch Swag liners for the Nugget do exactly what we need them to do. We have no intention of fully submerging our Nugget – we just want to protect the foam from any spills or accidents. 

Washing the Couch Swag Waterproof Covers:

We’ve washed the Couch Swag Nugget liners with no issue. We followed the recommended instructions (wash in cold water and hang to air dry). We don’t foresee any issues with how the Couch Swag liners will hold up. We’ve been burned in the past by waterproof mattress protectors that have started peeling after multiple washes, but the Couch Swag isn’t made of the same material. 

Final Thoughts:

Overall, we’re loving our Couch Swag waterproof liners for our Nugget! We love that the foam is protected from spills or accidents! This makes playing with the Nugget more carefree. Having these liners underneath the regular covers doesn’t take away anything from the fun or function of the Nugget – you hardly notice they are there. Instead, they add peace of mind when kids are playing with the Nugget. They also make clean-up much easier when those inevitable accidents do happen. 

We also love that our foam is better protected while the regular covers are in the wash! But one of our favorite things about the Couch Swag liners, which was a pleasant surprise, is how these liners make it so much easier to put on and take off the Nugget covers! This once hated task, is now (dare we say) enjoyable!?

Couch swag cover on nugget couch large piece
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