Do You Love Wooden Toys? 10 Funny [But True] Struggles

Grimm’s. Grapat. Holztiger. Ostheimer. If these words mean anything to you, you can probably relate to these 10 struggles.

Grimm’s. Grapat. Holztiger. Ostheimer.

If these words mean anything to you, you can probably relate to these 10 struggles.

[1] Bye-Bye Money

Why do they have to be so expensive? Probably the biggest gripe of European wooden toy enthusiasts.  It’s the biggest thing that stands between us and our dream collection.  European wood toys are not exactly cheap, but for good reason. You appreciate them for all their worth.  However, just because you think they are worth every penny doesn’t make the pennies magically show up in your bank account.  This passion does require some consideration in terms of budgeting.   

[2]  Bye-Bye Time

There’s a good chance you love these toys just as much, if not more, than your kids.  You lose track of time when you’re engrossed with these toys.

[3] Addictive

Sounds crazy to outsiders, but you know exactly what I mean.  You love playing with them, looking at them, and organizing them. You are always planning your next purchase.  As you scroll through Instagram, your wish list gets longer.  And you find yourself thinking about these toys even when you’re not around them.

[4]  People in “Real Life” Don’t Get It

If you’re like me, you haven’t met many people who share your same passion and toy philosophy in your “real life”.  In fact, most other parents I talk to have never heard of the major European toy brands.  It’s literally like speaking another language. 

[5]  Instagram is Your Happy Place

You could spend hours scrolling.  This is your tribe.

[6]  No Last Minute Shopping

If you’re like me, there are NO local stores that carry these brands.  If you are lucky enough to have a store near you that does, the selection (or price) may not be the best.  Need a birthday gift?  Christmas gift? Or Easter basket filler?  There’s no running to Target the night (or hours) before.

[7]  Who Says Shopping isn’t a Sport

Sourcing these toys can be a real challenge. Between different brands, different selections, different prices and shipping minimums, there’s a skill in getting what you want, when you want it, and at the best price.

[8]  The Anticipation of a New Release

A brand announces a new release.  You look forward to it as much as Christmas.  You feel inspired, you make a mental wish list, and then you wait.  And wait and wait.  The struggle is real.

[9]  The Disappointment That Comes When Something is Sold out

We’ve all been there.  The newly released toy that sold out in minutes.  Or something you’ve been eyeing can’t seem to stay in stock.  Your store announces a restock but you don’t see it in time.  Or leading up to a holiday, you have the perfect toy in mind, but trouble is, everyone else seems to have the same idea!  Sometimes this can be avoided by planning way in advance (see number 6), but at some point it’s just inevitable.

[10]  Gift Dilemmas

Well meaning friends and family ask you for gift ideas for your child.  Do you tell them what you really want?  Even if the price is at the low-end, will they baulk at the cost? Especially compared to more traditional toys?  Will they plan properly and not wait until the last minute to order?  Or do you only trust yourself to source these wood toys? This way you get exactly what you want.

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