Disney Cape May Cafe Breakfast Review (No Characters)

Disney cape May Cafe Breakfast Review 2022

We went to the Disney Cape May Cafe for breakfast and wanted to share our full, honest review. Our visit took place when there were no characters and no buffet. 

Overall thoughts: Even though there were no characters during our visit, we still liked the breakfast experience at the Cape May Cafe. There was enough variety that everyone in our party found food that they liked. The food is all-you-can-eat and costs $25 per adult and $14 per child, making it a great value (especially at Disney!). We absolutely loved our attentive waitress too!

How Does the Cape May Cafe Breakfast Work? We highly recommend making a reservation for breakfast if you want to eat here – that’s what we did. Once you arrive, you get check-in 15 mins prior to your reservation time via the app. You then get a text when your table is ready. 

This restaurant used to be buffet style. Now, it’s still all-you-can-eat, but instead of getting it yourself, the waiter/waitress brings it to your table.  If you want more of anything, you just have to ask!

Everyone gets a drink, a bowl of fresh fruit and a small yogurt parfait (with strawberries, blueberries and granola). The table also gets a basket with “Beach Buns” – a salted caramel pull-apart bread topped with cinnamon swirl. People in your party will either love or hate this bread. 

Cape May Cafe Breakfast Review
Cape May Cafe Breakfast Review

Next, two platters are brought out. This is served family-style. If you want more of something, you just have to ask! 

The first platter contains: Cage-free scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, crispy potato barrels (aka tater tots) and beef hash (made with potatoes and peppers). 

In the 2nd platter: Mickey waffles and brioche french toast. 

You can also place a special order for an omelette (for no extra charge!): Choices are ham & cheese, western or veggies. 

Cape May Cafe Breakfast Review

Is the Cape May Cafe breakfast good for kids?

Yes, we think the Cape May Cafe breakfast is good for kids of all ages (even picky eaters). The highlight for kids will likely be the Mickey waffles! The Cape May Cafe breakfast has enough variety to appeal  to different tastes. Since it’s all you can eat, even if your child finds only one thing they like, they can fill up on it. 

Our preschooler filled up on the fresh fruit, ate one Mickey waffle and a couple bites of yogurt. She at 4 bowls of the fruit (except for the pineapple – someone else in our party ate that!). 

There’s also a kid-sized waiting area in the lobby! Bluey was playing when we were there and this definitely enhanced our overall experience. It was also fun exploring the lobby and gift shop!

Cape May Cafe Breakfast Review

Are there currently characters at the Cape May breakfast?

As of the end of 2021, there were no characters at the Cape May Cafe breakfast. It’s unknown at this time when the characters will return. 

Hopefully this review was helpful in learning more about the Disney Cape May Cafe breakfast! 

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