TikTok Viral Non-Toxic Perfumes

In this article, we’ll be highlighting some TikTok famous perfumes – specifically clean and non-toxic perfumes. 

Viral TikTok Nontoxic Perfumes

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Several years ago, we wrote-off all perfume and cologne, due to just how toxic these conventional items are. However, with the great advancement of non-toxic products, we decided to take another look at them.

What better place to find the best products, then to look at what’s popular among TikTokers. We’ve landed on “Perfumetok”  on TikTok, and are excited to share some perfumes that have gone viral on TikTok, yet are also clean and non-toxic. Clean and non-toxic perfumes have hit mainstream popularity. All the non-toxic perfumes on our list can be found at stores like Sephora, Ulta or Target!

Many people mention and compare these clean and non-toxic perfumes side-by-side with conventional perfumes, sometimes without even realizing that they’re made without certain toxic ingredients. 

Even though perfume and scent is such a personal preference, it’s encouraging that clean and non-toxic perfumes are making waves and standing up to conventional perfumes.

Since all these perfumes have gone viral on TikTok, you are sure to find a scent that resonates with you. The only problem with these perfumes being so popular, is that it may make it hard for you to get your hands on them!

Viral on TikTok | Non-toxic Perfumes

Here are some of the best clean and non-toxic perfumes, according to TikTok:


TikTok Viral Brand: Clean Reserve (made by Clean Beauty Collective)

Specific Scents that have gone TikTok Viral:

  • Clean Reserve Skin
  • Clean Reserve Radiant Nectar 

We’ve seen both of these scents get lots of love on TikTok.

“Skin scents” are all the rage on TikTok. Skin scents are on the more subtle side and are often described as “your skin, but better”. Skin scents are often associated with the also popular ‘clean girl aesthetic”. Just as the name implies, Clean Reserves Skin fits into this trending style of perfume. Clean Reserve Skin has been featured in many TikToks.

The second most popular Clean Reserve scent we’ve seen trending on TiikTok is called Radiant Nectar. TikToker @cyrafabulous highlights Clean Reserve Radiant Nectar in talking about some of her favorites perfumes. She says Clean Reserve Radiant Nectar gets her “loads and loads of compliments”.

More About Clean Reserve:

  • Brand Highlights: The Clean Reserve is a “farm to fragrance” collection that uses eco-conscious packaging (hello, oak caps!) and sustainable ingredients.
  • Non-toxic Qualities: Meets the “Clean at Sephora” standards; made without Phthalates, Parabens, BHT, BHA and more (click here to read more details about the Clean Reserve perfume ingredients)
  • Followers on IG: 46K (as of June 2022)
  • Where to Buy it: Sephora, direct from their website 


TikTok Viral Brand: Lake & Skye

Specific Scents that have gone TikTok Viral:

  • Lake & Skye 11 11

Lake & Skye 11 11 is by far the most popular scent from Lake & Skye according to TikTok.

TikToker @thetopnotes describes Lake & Skye’s 11 11 as having “angel energy” and “smells like effortless beauty”. She goes on to say, “it is so pretty…it literally smells like the essence of a cloud”.

Here is her video:

TikToker @shinebeautymalibu mentioned Lake & Skye’s 1111 as a fragrance that gets her stopped every single time she wears it. She describes it as “fresh”, “doesn’t smell super perfume-y” and “smells like clean”. She then goes on to say “you will get stopped” and “you can’t go wrong”.

Another TikToker, @perfumerism, recommends Lake & Skye 11 11, saying “if you’re looking for a signature scent you can wear literally anywhere, like you can wear this to work, you can wear this to school, you can wear this to the gym”

More About Lake and Skye:

  • Brand Highlights: Lake & Skye is identified as a “Modern and Conscious Beauty” brand.
  • Non-toxic Qualities: Made without Phthalates, Parabens, and Sulfates.
  • Followers on IG: 105K (as of June 2022)
  • Where to Buy it: Ulta, Madewell, Nordstrom, direct from their website


TikTok Viral Brand: Ellis Brooklyn

Specific Scents that have gone TikTok Viral:

  • Ellis Brooklyn MYTH

  • Ellis Brooklyn SALT

  • Ellis Brooklyn SCI FI

We’ve seen a lot of love for the Ellis Brooklyn brand of perfumes. Of all the clean/non-toxic perfume brands that have gone viral on TikTok, Ellis Brooklyn has the greatest variety of specific scents that are mentioned and loved. Everyone seems to have their favorites on the specific scents they like, but the top 3 most popular, according to TikTok appear to be the scents MYTH, SALT and SCI FI.

In this TikTok, which received over 3.2M views (as of June 2022), user @taylormiree highlights Ellis Brooklyn MYTH when answering the question “How can I be known as the girl that smells clean and fresh all the time?”

Since so many Ellis Brooklyn scents have gone viral on TikTok, we think the best bet is to get a “discovery set”, which is essentially a box of samples. That’s what @thegoodsniffs did in this TikTok, where she fell in love with the SCI FI scent.

More About Ellis Brooklyn:

  • Brand Highlights: Ellis Brooklyn was founded by a New York Times beauty columnist when she became pregnant and saw the need for clean perfumes.
  • Non-toxic Qualities: Meets the “Clean at Sephora” standards; Meets the Credo Beauty clean standards; Made without Phthalates, Parabens, and more.
  • Followers on IG: 43K (as of June 2022)
  • Where to Buy it: Sephora, Credo, Ulta, direct from their website


TikTok Viral Brand: Skylar

Specific Scents that have gone TikTok Viral:

  • Skylar Vanilla Sky

  • Skylar Pink Canyon

Skylar’s Vanilla Sky scent appears to be the most popular among TikTokers. In this viral TikTok that received over 1.2M views (as of June 2022), @simplytaylorb mentions Skylar’s Vanilla Sky as her current favorite scent.

In this viral TikTok with almost a million views, @flexylexxxy gives us quite the laugh as she documented “Day 1 of my friends and I going to watch a football game at a bar until we get boyfriends”. She specifically mentions Skylar’s Pink Canyon.

More About Skylar:

  • Brand Highlights: Skylar is a recently re-imagined clean fragrance brand that pays homage to the west coast. Skylar’s fragrances are also hypoallergenic, making them perfect for those who are sensitive or allergic to traditional perfumes.
  • Non-toxic Qualities: Meets the “Clean at Sephora” standards; made without Phthalates, Parabens and more (click here to read more details about the Skylar ingredients)
  • Followers on IG: 95K (as of June 2022)
  • Where to Buy it: Sephora, Nordstrom, Macys, Revolve, Anthropolgie, direct from their website


TikTok Viral Brand: Phlur

Specific Scents that have gone TikTok Viral:

  • Plur Missing Person

    Phlur Missing Person is by far the most TikTok viral scent from Phlur. Unfortunately, with this perfume going super viral, it makes it harder to get your hands on! Phlur Missing Person is consistently out of stock.

    Phlur Missing Person has gone viral for how it makes people feel. It’s said to remind people of falling in love or give you nostalgia and remind you of someone you miss (hence the name, “Missing Person”). 

    In this viral TikTok that got over 3.5M views (as of June 2022), TikToker @rachelriger captured her boyfriend’s reaction to this perfume. If you’re a Dynasty fan, you’ll recognize the boyfriend, Adam Huber.

TikToker @Mikaylanogueira also reviewed Missing Person, which got over 11.9M views! The perfume sold out after this viral TikTok. Many left comments that this video convinced them to buy it (including Jaclyn Hill, Kathleen Lights and Haley Pham (who later also made a TikTok featuring this perfume).

To watch the viral TikTok Mikayla made on Plur Missing Person, click here:

More About Phlur:

  • Brand Highlights: Phlur is owned by a Chriselle Lim, who also happens to be a viral TikToker herself.
  • Non-toxic Qualities: Meets the “Clean at Sephora” standards; made without Phthalates, Parabens and more.
  • Followers on IG: 149K (as of June 2022)
  • Where to Buy it: Sephora or direct from their website 


TikTok Viral Brand: Pacifica

Specific Scents that have gone TikTok Viral:

  • Pacifica Dream Moon

    According to TikTok, the Pacifica Dream Moon perfume smells very similar to more expensive (and also TikTok viral) perfumes. Pacifica Dream Moon has been compared to both Cloud by Ariana Grande and Baccarat Rouge 540. 

    Here’s one viral TikTok where user @letstalkperfume shared the reactions they had to wearing Pacifica Dream Moon.

More About Pacifica:

  • Brand Highlights: Pacifica Beauty prides itself on providing affordable, 100% vegan a cruelty-free products, ranging from skincare to makeup to perfume.
  • Non-toxic Qualities: Meets Target’s Green standards’ Made without Phthalates, Parabens, synthetic fragrance and more
  • Followers on IG: 527K (as of June 2022)
  • Where to Buy it: Target, Ulta
Which non-toxic perfume do you want to try? We’re super excited about all of these brands and the exposure that TikTok is bringing to non-toxic perfumes!