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We tested the new Felix Runners from Saysh and wanted to give an in-depth review. 

Saysh Felix Runner Review

Big thank you to Saysh for sending us shoes for our review!


Allyson Felix: Pioneering Change in the Footwear Industry with Saysh

Saysh Allyson Felix Olympic Shoe Founder

Saysh is not just a shoe brand; it’s a movement spearheaded by the legendary track and field athlete Allyson Felix, the embodiment of excellence with a staggering collection of 11 Olympic and 20 World Championship medals to her name. The inception of Saysh was catalyzed by Allyson’s battle against the discriminatory policies of her former sponsor, who proposed a 70% pay cut following her pregnancy. Taking a stand not only for herself but for all female athletes, she championed a paradigm shift in the industry, calling out the deep-seated inequalities and advocating for maternity protections.

Allyson and her brother Wes co-founded Saysh, a transformative response to a footwear industry that often overlooked the specific needs and anatomy of female athletes. This venture is not just about creating shoes; it’s about carving out space where inclusivity and fairness are the norms, not the exceptions. Saysh symbolizes a fight for justice, a commitment to quality, and the celebration of resilience and determination.

Allyson Felix, with her indomitable spirit, not only changed the narrative in the sponsorship landscape but ventured further to redefine the benchmarks in the footwear industry.

The slogan of Saysh is “WOMEN DESERVE BETTER“.

Saysh: Empowering Expectant Mothers with Revolutionary Maternity Returns

Saysh Maternity Returns

The Saysh brand continues to break new ground with its thoughtful and empathetic approach to addressing the needs of women, this time turning its attention to expectant mothers. Featuring the inspiring Natalie Holloway as the face of their new Maternity Returns Policy, Saysh acknowledges the persistent yet often overlooked issue faced by pregnant women: the permanent change in shoe size that accompanies pregnancy.

Acknowledging that women have borne the brunt of this discomfort silently for far too long, Saysh has crafted a policy that genuinely understands and caters to the realities of pregnancy. Now, every Saysh customer who is on the journey to motherhood can receive a brand-new pair of Saysh sneakers in their new size, absolutely free. This unprecedented policy ensures comfort and style are uncompromised during and after pregnancy.


Saysh: Supporting a Legacy of Strength and Resilience for Every Mother, Every Woman

Saysh Felix Runner review group pic

As a mom navigating the complexities of motherhood, it is uplifting to find a brand that stands firmly on the ground of women’s empowerment and inclusivity. Saysh is more than a shoe brand; it’s a beacon of resilience, carved from the indomitable spirit of a woman who has shattered ceilings, Allyson Felix.

This is a brand that understands the depths of the maternal journey, offering not just a product, but a transformative experience that resonates with the essence of empowerment. It’s a brand that actively breaks down barriers, advocating for the rights and recognition of women in all spheres of life. By choosing Saysh, we are not just embracing comfort and style, we are becoming part of a larger narrative — one that champions equality, celebrates strength, and empowers every woman to stand tall in her unique journey.

It’s a clear message to our children, showcasing a world where fairness, justice, and resilience reign supreme; a world we want them to inherit, shaped by brands with conscientious foundations like Saysh. It’s not just a purchase; it’s a pledge to support a movement that values women at every stage of their lives, encouraging them to walk in comfort, in style, and with unwavering strength. It embodies the spirit of unity, understanding, and mutual support that we aspire to instill in the next generation.

If you’re looking for a feminist shoe brand, then this is it! Created by the incredible Allyson Felix, Saysh is more than a brand; it’s truly a celebration of women, embodying strength, resilience, and empowerment with each design. This is a brand we feel good supporting, as it stands for equality, comfort, and style, offering a feminist shoe that doesn’t just look good, but feels good and does good. 


Important Stats

  • Released September 12, 2023
  • Currently comes in 3 color options: Fire, Ebony & Avalance
  • $165
  • Made for running
  • Ethically made in Vietnam
  • Weighs 10.5oz (women’s size 9)
Color Options Saysh Felix Runner

The Style

We have the Saysh Felix Runner in Ebony. Here’s everything we love about the style of the shoe:

Saysh Felix Runner Review

Overall Look of the Felix Runner

The Saysh Felix Runner in Ebony is the perfect black running shoe. It embodies a blend of understated elegance and modern style, making it a versatile choice for both fitness enthusiasts and fashion-forward individuals. 

The upper part of the Felix Runner is black, with a thick, crisp white sole. This combo gives the shoe a fresh and modern vibe. Then there are splashes of baby pink which we absolutely love! The subtle hints of light pink are tastefully incorporated and add a gentle touch of femininity to the powerful black-and-white duo.

The Saysh Felix Runner in Ebony is a versatile shoe that can be worn with almost any outfit. 

Saysh Felix Runner Bottom

Overall, the Saysh Felix Runner embodies a youthful and vibrant spirit, with a color palette that echoes sophistication and style. It represents a shoe that is as ready for a rigorous run as it is for a casual day out, making it a multifunctional choice for the modern woman. Whether you’re out for a run or just running errands, this shoe strikes the perfect balance between style and comfort, giving you a little burst of joy with each step.

The Saysh Felix Runner Laces

We love the attention to detail on these shoes…like how the lace loops and tip of the laces are pink!

Saysh Felix Runner Laces

The Inside of the Saysh Felix Runner Shoe

Inside of Felix Runner

We absolutely love the detail of having the word “RUN” inscribed on the inside of one of the Saysh Felix Runners. This little touch speaks volumes, acting as a personal cheerleader encouraging us every time we slip the shoes on. It’s a gentle reminder of the shoe’s core purpose and our own fitness goals, nudging us to quite literally “run” and keep moving forward.

Additionally, placing “RUN” on the inner side of the shoe feels like harboring a secret, a private message that is just for us, the wearer.

Moreover, it’s a motivational whisper, a subtle yet powerful word that could potentially give us that little extra push when we are finding it hard to muster the energy to go for a run. It instills a sense of duty and purpose, an inspiring call to action that urges us to run not just with our legs but with our hearts.

We appreciate this kind of thoughtful design that not just sells a product, but sells an experience, a lifestyle, and most importantly, a source of motivation. It’s a detail that reflects the Saysh brand’s understanding and commitment to the spirit of running, encouraging us to forge a deeper connection with the activity each time we lace up. It is more than just a design element; it’s an embodiment of the runner’s spirit, a simple yet profound statement that can motivate us to take that extra step, pushing us toward our goals with renewed vigor.

The Saysh Logo

We are big fans of the Saysh logo that resides on the side of the Felix Runners, as well as the back.

We don’t know the backstory of the logo design, but it really resonates with us.

The logo, composed of two sideways and interconnected “S” letters, immediately evokes a sense of unity, fluidity, and harmony. 

Upon seeing it, it reminds us of the infinite loop, a symbol that often stands for eternity, empowerment, and the continuous cycle of life and innovation. The smooth curves of the “S” shapes give the logo a gentle, flowing rhythm, hinting at flexibility and grace. A perfect compliment to the overall design of the Felix Runner shoes.

Saysh Logo Felix Runners
Back of Felix Runners Saysh


Another feature we’re totally loving on our Saysh Felix Runners is the reflective logo on the back. Besides giving it that little extra stylistic edge, it plays a practical role that we can all appreciate.

First off, it amps up your visibility during those early morning or late evening runs, adding a pretty essential safety element. 

But it’s not just about safety; that reflective detail adds a cool, futuristic vibe to the shoe, giving it a dash of personality that stands out in a sea of ordinary running shoes. It catches the light in a really neat way, adding a dynamic element to the shoe’s design that’s both fresh and fun.

We love that it’s a feature that blends style and function so seamlessly. It shows that every part of the shoe has been thoughtfully designed, with the runner’s needs in mind — because who says practical can’t also be cool, right? 

Reflective Back Felix Runner

The Fit + Feel of the Saysh Felix Runner

After testing out the newly released Saysh Felix Runner, it is safe to say that the shoe certainly lives up to the buzz. Let’s delve into the specifics of what makes these shoes shine, focusing intently on their fit and feel:

  • Heel Clip: A specially designed heel clip is integrated into the Felix Runner, granting additional support and fostering a locked-in feel that avid runners will appreciate. This feature works to stabilize the heel, providing a grounded and secure sensation that promotes confident strides on your runs.

  • Traction and Flexibility: With a sole designed for optimum traction and flexibility, the Saysh Felix Runners offer an assured grip on a variety of surfaces, facilitating nimble and quick movements with ease. Whether you’re navigating steep hills or racing on flat tracks, the trusty traction has got your back, or rather, your feet.

  • Comfort: The Felix Runners transcend the normal standards of comfort, offering an experience akin to “walking on clouds”. The cushioning is both soft and responsive, accommodating long runs without compromising on the luxurious feel.

  • Lightweight: Despite packing in a host of features, the shoe maintains a lightweight profile, allowing for effortless runs without the burden of a heavy shoe dragging you down. It truly marries performance and comfort without any unnecessary weight.

  • Breathability: The shoe features materials that encourage airflow, ensuring that your feet remain cool and comfortable throughout your run, thereby reducing the likelihood of blisters and other discomforts caused by excessive moisture.

    Good Arch Support: We found the Felix Runners to have good arch support. This not only promotes comfort but also works to prevent potential injuries and strain on your feet and lower limbs, encouraging a more natural and efficient stride.

  • Supportive Structure: What sets this shoe apart is its supremely supportive structure. The carefully designed elements of the shoe work synergistically to provide a supportive embrace to your feet, aiding in proper foot alignment and reducing the risk of injuries. The supportive structure gives us confidence with each stride.

This running shoe promises not only a comfortable and cushioned running experience but also offers an impressive range of features that work together to provide stability, support, and protection, promoting a healthy running journey. It epitomizes a thoughtful blend of function and comfort, promising to be a reliable companion for runners.

A good running shoe, like this one, is also great for everyday wear….running errands, or playing with kids. Also perfect for wearing to places where you’ll be walking a lot, like the zoo, aquarium, or theme park. 

Felix Runner Review | Saysh

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