Powering Up Parenting: A Look at the Rise of Electric Strollers

Rise of the electric stroller

Electric strollers, also known as e-strollers, are a new and innovative type of stroller that are powered or at least assisted in some way by electricity, rather than only manually. These strollers are designed to make life easier for parents by providing a smooth and effortless ride for both parent and child. With the rise of technology and increased demand for convenience, electric strollers are becoming increasingly popular among parents. In this article, we will take a closer look at the features, benefits, and drawbacks of electric strollers, and discuss why they are becoming a popular choice among parents today.

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Electric Stroller Popularity

In recent years, the idea of adding electric power to a stroller has become more popular. More and more items are already becoming electrified from cars, scooters, bicycles and skateboards. As parents become more familiar with the technology and the prices of the hardware like batteries and electric motors come down, it seems like an inevitability that we will start to see more and more strollers become electric.

The potential benefit to parents for having a stroller with a small electric motor is simple. An electric motor can assist in pushing a stroller up or down steep hills or over rough terrain. If you have ever done any of these activities pushing a heavy stroller you may have wished for a little electric assistance like we have. 

Bosch eStroller Review | Uphill Assist

Electric Stroller Models

Currently, there aren’t many options for electric  strollers on the market. Several years ago Bosch unveiled some cutting edge electric stroller technology to be used by stroller manufacturers in future strollers models. That announcement from Bosch seemed to mark the beginning of our e-stroller future. More information about the Bosch technology can be found HERE. Bosch coined the term “e-stroller” which is now the word most used to describe strollers with electric technology.

Bosch eStroller Review | Electric Stroller | Smartphone App
Bosch e-Stroller Technology

EmmalJunga NXT90e

Electric strollers Emmaljunga e-Stroller
Emmaljunga NXT90e

The Emmaljunga NXT90e was supposed to use the Bosch technology and be the first e-stroller in the world. The famous Swedish stroller brand displayed a prototype of the model and even ran a giveaway competition on their Instagram page. There is currently no trace of the NXT90e to be found on their official website and not a lot of information elsewhere online. The NXT90e promised to have features like two electric motors that helped push the stroller up hills effortlessly and automatically brake the stroller going downhill as well. More detailed information on the planned capabilities of the NXT90e can be found HERE.

Cybex e-PRIAM

German stroller maker Cybex currently produces an electric stroller called the e-PRIAM. The e-PRIAM has a battery and electric motor that can assist in powering the wheels. The e-stroller is equipped with sensors that detect inclines and automatically apply the electric motors in both slowing the stroller down hill and pushing the stroller uphill. The electric motors can also be used to power over rough terrain. In its latest iteration, the e-PRIAM can use the electric motors to gently rock the baby back and forth to sleep.

Gluxkind Ella

Gluxkind Ella Electric strollers
Gluxkind Ella

At CES 2023 Canadian startup Gluxkind unveiled the latest iteration of e-strollers called the Ella. If it makes it to production the Gluxkind will offer the greatest number of features for an electric stroller to date.

Gluxkind calls the Ella a “smart stroller”. It not only uses the electric motors to power the stroller but also has a suite of AI powered hardware that allow it to be aware of its environment. The system can look out for other pedestrians, bikes and cars using similar technology to what is found in modern cars. The technology also allows the stroller to be operated hands free when there is no child in the seat and track the person walking behind it. If the person walking behind it steps out of the way to grab something, the Ella automatically brakes using the electric motor until you return. a video demonstrating this can be found HERE on their website.

The Ella has an app that allows parents to track the stroller’s location and The Gluxkind Ella basically takes all of the features of the Cybex e-PRIAM a few steps further. 


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