Bosch Creates Electric Stroller Technology

The eStroller | Bosch Creates Electric Stroller Technology

Bosch Enters the Baby Industry

Bosch Enters the Baby Industry | Electric Stroller

Bosch is a household name for many.  Whether you realize it or not, Bosch products and technologies are found all around us.  Bosch is a Fortune 500 Company (currently ranked 110).  Bosch has brought innovative technology to our cars, our appliances, and our airplanes, just to name a few.  On September 2, 2019, Bosch announced it is bringing the same innovation to our strollers.  Bosch appropriately named their electric stroller technology the “Bosch eStroller System”.

Summary of Bosch eStroller System Features

Bosch eStroller Review | Electric Stroller |
  • The Bosch eStroller is not a physical stroller in and of itself; rather it’s a technology that can be implemented via collaborations with stroller manufacturers.
  • The Bosch eStroller System will first be available in the Emmaljuna NXT90e stroller.  Emmaljuna is a Swedish stroller maker.
  •  The Bosch eStroller System consists of battery-operated motors, which connects to an app on your smart phone via bluetooth.
  • The main features of the Bosch eStroller are that it can assist in pushing the stroller when going uphill or can assist in braking when going downhill.  The stroller also brakes automatically when you let go of it.  The electromechanical locking mechanism can prevent anyone other than the authorized user from unlocking the brake of the stroller.  Another bonus is that the battery doubles as a USB phone charger.  More on these details, plus more, are below.

Push Assist

Push Assist provides assistance when pushing the stroller uphill or on rough terrain.

Bosch eStroller Review | Uphill Assist

Brake Assist

Brake Assist increases the ease and safety when pushing the stroller downhill.

Bosch eStroller Review | Downhill Assist

Automatic Brakes

The system brakes automatically when you let go of the handle.  So no unintended rolling.  

The Battery

The eStroller is equipped with a 18 Volt lithium ion battery from Bosch (charger included).  You’ll find it’s the same type of battery that are used Bosch battery drills and other tools. The battery is in a lockable compartment to protect it from the elements, as well as against theft.

The battery also acts as a USB port, which can be used to charge your phone.

The battery can be recharged and is suitable for a walks of up to 15 km or a little over 9 miles. The load in the stroller, as well as the slope, ground conditions and other factors might affect the range.

If the battery has no charge left, the stroller can still be used like a traditional stroller.

Bosch electric stroller - eStroller

LED Lights

There’s an LED ring/circle on the drive unit by the rear wheels that changes colors to depict the system status: Blue means the system is ready for pairing, Green means the system is in support mode, Yellow means the battery is low, and Red means the battery is empty.

Bosch eStroller Review | Electric Stroller |

The App: The "Key" to the eStroller

Bosch eStroller Review | Electric Stroller | Smartphone App
Bosch eStroller Review | Electric Stroller | Smartphone App

The eStroller contains Bluetooth, which allows it to connect to your smartphone.  

Bosch refers to the smartphone app as the “key” to the eStroller.

With the app, you can:

     1.  Turn on the “uphill push assist” feature

     2.  Control and adjust the degree of “assist” you would like

     3. Set the alarm feature of the stroller; this will engage an alarm to go off if an unauthorized user attempts to unlock ad move your stroller

     4.  Check the battery status and see the remaining range left

Bosch eStroller Review | Electric Stroller |

Without the App: Less Features but Still Functional

For safety reasons, only the following features can be used without the app:  downhill brake assist, automatic motor brake, and parking brake.

More Details about the Bosch eStroller

When will the Bosch eStroller go on sale?

The first stroller featuring the Bosch eStroller System is the Emmaljuna NXT90e.  According to the Swedish manufacturer, the Emmaljuna NXT90e will be lauched late 2019.  This is currently the only stroller announced containing the Bosch eStroller System, but there will be more collaborations with additional stroller manufacturers in the future. 

Bosch eStroller Review | Electric Stroller |

How much does the Bosch eStroller cost?

The Bosch eStroller System can’t be purchased separately.  The price of strollers containing the Bosch eStroller system is dependent on the individual stroller.  The first stroller company featuring the Bosch eStroller System, Emmaljuna, has not released the price yet.  

Will the Bosch eStroller be sold in the United States?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like we’ll get to test out the Bosch eStroller anytime soon in the United States.  As of September 2019, the only collaboration Bosch announced is with the Swedish stroller company, Emmaljuna.  There are no authorized retailers of Emmaljuna in the United States.  Further, when filling out the form on the Emmaljuna website to learn more about their eStroller, the United States isn’t even listed in the drop-down menu.

Bosch Electric stroller - estroller NXT90 eStroller
Learn More About the Emmaljuna eStroller (Bosch Electric Stroller) | Is the Bosch eStroller available in the US?



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