Nuna Exec Review | Plus Rava & Aace Comparisons

Nuna Exec Review (All-in-one) Plus Comparison to Rava and Aace

On July 16, 2019, Nuna announced a new all-in-one car seat called the Exec.  Their website boasts “EXEC gives them their first chance at experiencing first class.”  “First chance at first class” is a clever slogan. By definition, first class means “of highest quality”, so let’s take an in-depth look at this new car seat to see if it measures up.  First, we’ll take a look at all its features, then compare it against the other car seats Nuna offers, and finally share our overall thoughts!

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Facts About the Nuna Exec

All-in-One Car Seat

Nuna’s new all-in-one car seat may be the only car seat you will ever need.  It has 3 modes: rear-facing, forward-facing and booster.  It is essentially a convertible car seat that converts to a booster seat.  This is also often referred to as multimode (Rear and forward facing with an additional booster mode)

Nuna Exec Positions (Rear-facing infant, toddler, forward-facing, booster)
(source: Nuna)

Weight & Height Limitations

Here is a good visual (from the owner’s manual) that shows the weight and height requirements for each mode.

Nuna Exec Mode, Installation, Weight, Height

The Nuna Exec can be used from 5 pounds to 120 pounds, with a maximum height of 57 inches.

The weight & height limitations for each mode are as follows:


5-50 pounds, with a maximum height of 49 inches


25-65 pounds, with a maximum height of 49 inches

(Note:  The weight limitations are less than mentioned if you’re using the lower anchor belt (also known as latch or ISOFIX) to install the carseat as opposed to the seatbelt.  The preferred method of installation is the seatbelt.)


40-120 pounds, with a maximum height of 57 inches

Color Options

Currently only two color options, but this will likely expand in the future.  It comes in Caviar (black) or dark gray (Granite).


The Nuna Exec is made of an all steel frame.  The body and head inserts are made of merino wool, and come with additional GOTS-certified organic-cotton insert and quilted slip cover.  Other materials include plastic, EPP foam and textile.


No-rethread five-point harness works with one hand and includes magnet harness keepers. Harness easily stores inside the seat for booster mode, and spring touch shoulder belt guides aid in proper belt routing for big kids.  The top harness height is 17.5”

Close-up of Nuna Exec carseat magnetic buckle harness holder

Unique Footrest

The adjustable leg rest also acts as an anti-rebound panel while in the rear-facing position.  The leg rest can be extended for longer legs.

It appears that the anti-rebound panel is very similar to an anti-rebound bar.  From those that aren’t familiar with anti-rebound bars, here’s a good explanation from the Car Seat for Littles organization:  “Anti rebound bars reduce the movement of the car seat as it goes back into the vehicle’s back seat. The car seat rotates toward the front of the car as expected during the crash, but when the seat rebounds toward the back of the car, the bar catches on the backseat and halts that rebound. Because the vehicle’s seat is padded it is not a sudden stop, but instead comes to a stop before the car seat would have without the added anti-rebound bar.”


There are 12 head support positions.


There are 8 recline positions.  4 positions are for rear-facing and 4 are for forward facing.

Additional Safety Features

Aeroflex™ side impact protection pods; reinforced belt path for superior protection; Muscle-free True tension™ doors ensure an ultra-secure fit without the struggle.

Additional Convenience Features

2 built in cupholders (flip down when not in use).


Seat cover, infant insert and harness covers are machine washable.


26–33″ x 18.5″ x 22.5″


No. The car seat is flame resistant without the use of chemical flame retardants.


Yes, the Nuna Exec is FAA-approved, meaning it can be brought on board airplanes.   However, the Exec is FAA certified in rear-facing and forward-facing only, not in booster mode (this is true of all boosters, it’s not a shortcoming of the EXEC)


The Nuna Exec costs $649.95 and is a Nordstrom exclusive.  It can also be bought off of Nuna’s website.  It is currently pre-sale only and is set to ship on or around August 21, 2019.

Despite it being a “Nordstrom Exclusive,” it looks like it is also going to be available from Pish Posh Baby, one of our favorite stores!


Can an infant use it?  Yes! It comes with an infant insert which is recommended for use with infants who weigh between 5–11 lb.

The Nuna Exec can be used with infants; the Nuna Exec comes with an infant insert (shown above) to be used with infants who weigh 5-11 pounds

Is the Exec compatible with any stroller?  No.

Is the Nuna Exec available in Canada?  No. Canada has different car seat laws and currently the Exec is only available in the United States.

Does it fit in the Nuna Travel bag?  Yes.

Can you fit 3 across?  The Nuna site boasts that the the Nuna Exec will fit three across is most mid-sized vehicles.  (However, we don’t think this will be the case.  For comparison, the Clek Foonf, which is known for their 3 across configurations, is 30.5 in. x 18.5 in. x 17 in, over 5 inches narrower!)

Nuna Exec Fits 3 Across in most mid-sized cars

How Does it Compare to the Other Nuna Car Seats?

The Exec is a welcome addition to the Nuna family of car seats.  The Exec is not replacing any of the current Nuna car seats.

Nuna now has 4 different car seat options

The Nuna Car Seat Family - Pipa, Rava, Aace and Exec

Pipa – infant car seat

Rava – convertible car seat

Aace – booster car seat

Exec – all-in-one car seat

Nuna Exec vs. Nuna Rava

The Nuna Rava is a convertible car seat, while the Exec is considered an all-in-one.  

The biggest difference is that Exec can convert to a booster seat, while the Rava can’t.

Here’s a run down of the other differences and similarities:

Rear-Facing Capacity

Both the Rava and Exec have the same weight capacity at 5-50 pounds, with a maximum height of 49 inches.

Forward Facing Capacity

Both the Rava and the Exec have the same weight capacity at 25-65 pounds, with a maximum height of 49 inches

The major difference is the top harness height is 17.5” on the EXEC vs. 16” on the Rava.  This accommodates for a taller child.

Recline & Headrest

The Exec has more head support positions (12 positions compared to Rava’s 10)

However, the Rava has more recline positions (10 positions total (5 rear-facing and 5 forward-facing), compared to the Exec’s 8 positions total (4 rear-facing and 4 forward facing)).  


The straps of the Rava can be secured to the side of the car seat using buckle holders (the metal parts of the buckle slide in).  The straps of the Exec can be secured to the side of the car seat using magnets.

Nuna Rava Harness Holder
The harness holder makes putting a child in the Rava much easier.

Color Options

The Rava comes in 5 colors, while the Exec only comes in 2 (currently).  Both come in Caviar (black) and Granite (dark gray). The Rava also comes in Rose (dusty pink), Lake (navy), and Frost (light gray).

Weight of Seat

The Exec weighs 26.6 pounds, which is slightly less than the Rava at 27.2 pounds.


The Exec is slightly larger than the Rava (Exec: 26–33″ x 18.5″ x 22.5″ ; Rava: 25″ x 16″ x 19″)

Both the Exec and Rava have the following features

-no-rethread 5 point harness

-Energy absorbing foam and Side Impact Protection (SIP) pods 

-All steel frame and reinforced belt path for superior protection

-Flame retardant free


The Rava is considerably cheaper at $449.95, while the Exec costs $649.95 

Nuna Exec vs. Nuna Aace

Nuna EXEC vs Nuna AACE
The Nuna Aace converts to a backless booster (the Nuna Exec does not)
The Nuna AACE converts to a backless booster seat. The Nuna EXEC does NOT convert to a backless booster seat.

The biggest difference is that Exec can be used from birth (rear-facing, forward-facing, and booster) while the Aace is only a booster seat.  Additionally, the Aace doubles as a high-back booster as well as a backless booster, while the Exec doesn’t convert to a backless booster.

Here’s a run down of the other differences and similarities:

Weight/Height Capacity

Both the Exec (in booster mode) and Aace have the same weight capacity 40-120 pounds, with a maximum height of 57 inches.


The Exec has more head support positions (12 positions compared to Aace’s 9).

The Exec also has more recline positions (4 for the Booster mode) compared to Aace’s 2 positions.

Nuna Exec vs Aace headrest positions

Color Options

The Aace comes 4 colors, while the Exec only comes in 2 (currently).  Both come in Caviar (black), while the Aace also comes in Slate (dark gray), Aspen (blue), and Charcoal (black & light gray).


The Exec is made of wool, while the Aace is made of micro-knit.

Other differences

-The Exec has two built-in cup holders while the Aace one removable cup holder.

-The Aace has armrests, while the Exec does not.


The Aace weighs 15.6 pounds, which is 11 pounds less than the Exec (26.6 pounds).

Both the Exec and Aace have the following features

-Energy absorbing foam and Side Impact Protection (SIP) pods 

-All steel frame and reinforced belt path for superior protection

-Flame retardant free


The Aace is considerably cheaper at $199.95 while the Exec costs $649.95.

Pros & Cons of an All-in-One Car Seat


Having only one car seat for your child over the course of their life definitely has some advantages:

Better for the Environment

Car seats take a toll on the environment.  Think of the materials that go into the car seat, the manufacturing process, shipping, etc.  Then the typical car seat only has a lifespan of 10 year, with many being utilized far less than that.  For safety precautions, it’s recommended not to buy used car seats, even if there are several years left before it expires.  There are some car seat recycling programs (the most notable one being Target), but it’s unknown how much actually gets recycled versus ends up in landfills.


There’s definitely an added convenience to having an all-in-one car seat.  Think of the time saved by not having to research multiple car seats. You won’t get caught in a pinch once you realize your little one is about to outgrow their current car seat (guilty!)  


Familiarity adds to not only convenience, but safety.  According to the Journal of Pediatrics, 95% of infant car seats have at least one major installation error in the United States.  With only having one car seat, parents will get very familiar with its safety features and won’t have to learn the nuances of each new car seat.  Familiarity may also help the child be more comfortable with their seat.



All-in-one car seats are typically much bulkier when it comes to the booster setting compared to other boosters.  If you want a booster seat that takes up minimal space, an all-in-one car seat isn’t for you.

Evolving Car Seats

Car seat manufacturers are constantly making improvements to their car seats.  Often paired with changes to car seat laws, it’s often the case that “this year’s car seat” from any given manufacturer is safer/better than “last year’s car seat”.  If you buy an all-in-one seat when your child is born, chances are by the time they need a booster seat, there will be better booster seats on the market.


Some families put more wear and tear on a car seat than others.  Have a kid that gets car sick? Or constantly spilling things and making messes?  Then the thought of keeping that car seat for 10 years may not be so appealing in terms of cleanliness.


The price of the Nuna Exec is pretty hefty.  For the same price (or less if you can snag a sale), you can buy Nuna’s convertible car seat (Rava) & booster seat (Aace) separately, so you’re not saving money by buying the Exec.  It may be easier for some families to make the two smaller purchases spread out over time versus one large purchase.


Although all-in-one car seats often are promoted as the “only car seat you will ever need,” this may not actually be the case.  A general rule of thumb (laws vary by state) is that children should be in booster seats until they are more than 57 inches tall (that’s 4 feet 9 inches).  For most children, the car seat will expire (10 year lifespan) before the height requirement is met to ride without a booster seat.  This growth chart for boys (who are typically taller than girls) shows that the average 10 year old is much shorter than 57 inches tall.  

Final Verdict

We are very impressed with the Nuna Exec.  We love the anti-rebound panel and added leg room it provides.  We also love the fact that the Exec can accommodate a taller child compared to the Rava.  If you have a taller child, this is definitely worth looking into.  Unfortunately, this won’t accomodate to the tallest children, and we would have loved to seen an even taller harness.

Another benefit to the Exec is the magnetic harness strap holders.  We can’t wait to try these out! Hopefully they perform as well as we hope!  If so, this is definitely an improvement to the Nuna Rava buckle holders, in our opinion, which require more precision and are sometimes more trouble than they’re worth.  

As with all other Nuna car seats, one of our favorite things is that the Exec is free of chemical flame retardants!

One thing we don’t like about the Nuna Exec is the fact it’s a Nordstrom exclusive (we like to support small businesses like Pish Posh Baby).  However, it does look like it will be available elsewhere, maybe just not as soon as at Nordstrom (we found it on the Pish Posh Baby website!).  Hopefully in time they will expand (as well as expand the color offerings). 

The price may also be a sticking point for some people, but it’s no more expensive than if you were to buy the convertible and booster seat separately from Nuna.  Nuna Rava costs $449.95 + Ace $199.95 = $649.90.  If you are able to snag one of the two car seats on sale, then it would make financial sense to buy the two separate.  

If you already have the Rava, it likely wouldn’t make sense to replace it with Exec, unless your child is on the taller side and would benefit from the additional harness height before moving to a booster seat.  If you’re in the market for an infant seat or convertible seat, it would be worthwhile to look at getting the Exec. If you’re in the market for a car seat to be used in a second car (or grandparents car), the Exec may be a good fit.

It ultimately comes down to each family’s preference and child on whether or not the Nuna Exec will work for you.

In terms of the “first chance at first class” claim, the Nuna Exec measures up.  Although we haven’t seen it in person, Nuna is well-known for their high quality and we’re sure the Exec will be no different.



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