A Year Later | Nuna Mixx2 Stroller | Full Review | Plus a Look at the 2019 Mixx!

It’s been a full year since I’ve had the Nuna stroller, specifically the Nuna Mixx2 (2018 model). I wanted to provide a full review – the good, the bad and the ugly…


It’s been a full year since I’ve had the Nuna stroller, specifically the Nuna Mixx2 (2018 model). I wanted to provide a full review – the good, the bad and the ugly (and there’s nothing ugly to report as this is a very well designed stroller!).

Although the Nuna Mixx2 is outdated at this point and there is a refreshed 2019 version available, this should still be helpful if you’re deciding on whether to get this stroller. Thankfully, some of my gripes with this stroller have been addressed in the refresh!

Important To Note: Nuna Mixx2 vs. Nuna Mixx?

The Nuna Mixx and the Nuna Mixx2 are basically the same stroller just different generations.

It’s actually a bit confusing, as the original stroller (first generation) was named the Nuna Mixx. The second generation was then named the Nuna Mixx2. The third (and most recent) version of the stroller had its name reverted back to Nuna Mixx, but they added the year – so “2019 Nuna Mixx”. This will likely be the future naming convention used (i.e. 2010 Nuna Mixx, 2011 Nuna Mixx, 2012 Nuna Mixx etc.).

I discuss both the 2018 Nuna Mixx2 (the stroller I have) and the 2019 Nuna Mixx in this post.

How I Used the Nuna Mixx2

Ages and Stages

I have been using the Nuna Mixx2 since birth through age 1. I plan on getting many many many more years out of this stroller.

Newborn Stage: My little one was only a few weeks old when we took a short walk around the neighborhood. I had the seat rear facing (towards me) and fully reclined. I used the basinet feature of the stroller, where you clip up the footrest, as shown below.

You can also buy a separate bassinet, but I didn’t find this to be necessary. I used the stroller fairly frequently in the newborn stage and found the bassinet feature of the stroller itself to be just perfect!

The 2019 Nuna Mixx also has this ability!

Rear Facing: Once my little one could sit up with assistance, I transitioned from using the bassinet feature to using the harness straps. I elevated the back of the seat, but not fully upright. This kept my little one happy for several months. She could take in her surroundings but always could see me.

Forward Facing: Once my little one started sticking her head around the side of the stroller to see what was ahead of us, I knew it was time to turn the seat around. This is the position the seat stays in the majority of the time now, but I occasionally switch back to rear facing if the circumstances call for it.

Nuna Mixx 2in1 Kinderwagen 2019 Birch
The 2019 Mixx
Rear-facing, forward-facing, and with the optional bassinet available for purchase

Where I have taken the Stroller

I have put a lot of miles on this stroller and it still rides like it did on the first day we got it.

It’s been on dirt trails, through grass, on pavement and in stores.

It’s been folded down and put in and out of my car (mid size SUV) hundreds of times.

The one place I haven’t taken this stroller is the airport. I’m not saying it’s impossible (because it very much is), it’s just not something I have any personal experience with.


What I Like About the Nuna Mixx2

The Reversible Seat

I love the reversible seat! This was one of the selling points for me and we got very good use out of it! I would guess we got about 6+ months of exclusively rear facing. I still rear face from time to time as well.

This is such a nice feature to have.

Another perk worth mentioning is that you can fold the stroller with the seat rear facing. This isn’t the case with some other brands. This may seem small, but it’s been a huge time saver for us, as I’m constantly folding/unfolding the stroller.

The Storage

The Nuna Mixx has a huge basket under the seat. This has been very well used and loved this past year.

It typically holds my diaper backpack.

It’s also held my diaper backpack + 2 other purses.

It should also be noted that there is an envelope style pocket behind the seat. I only used this once, so it’s not a terrible loss that the 2019 Nuna Mixx doesn’t have this (especially once you see what they replaced it with! See “2018 Nuna Mixx vs. 2019 Nuna Mixx?” below.

Easy Braking

The brake pedal is “flip flop friendly” and I can attest to that!

Image result for nuna mixx basket
The 2019 Mixx has the same brake.
One pedal, flip-flop friendly braking (red) & releasing (green)

Also shown is the large basket – the 2019 Mixx now features a collapsable divider!

The Smooth Ride

The large tires provide a smooth ride on pavement and allow us to venture off-road as well.

The Multiple Inclines

The seat lays flat (for the most part), fully upright, and multiple spots in between. There are actually 5 different recline positions.

The Large Sun Shade

This is huge for baby’s skin. When sitting upright, the sun shade expands and provides nearly 100% coverage. Even with the seat fully reclined, the sun shade provides nice protection (though not full protection). In this case, I simply throw a light blanket over the stroller or avoid the direct sun for long periods of time.

Image result for nuna mixx sunshade
Here’s the seat fully reclined with the sun shade expanded (2019 Mixx)

The Adjustable Handle Bar

My (tall) husband gets the most use out of this feature, but I like it as well. It makes it easier to pop curbs.

No Flame Retardants

This is a big one in my book. The Nuna Mixx doesn’t have added flame retardants, which is (really) hard to find in a stroller.

No Maintenance

Since having the Nuna Mixx2 and using it frequently for over a year, we haven’t had to perform any maintenance, thanks in part to the foam tires (as opposed to air).

We’ve also had no malfunctions or other mechanical issues.

The Overall Look

I love the modern, sleek design of this stroller! I’ve actually gotten a few compliments and questions on it as well!

What I Don’t Like About This Stroller

The Harness

The harness on the Nuna Mixx2 is pretty terrible. We’ve made it work, but it definitely is poorly designed.

The harness is a “rethread” harness, which means you have to manually adjust the height of the shoulder straps. I haven’t attempted this yet, but I am not a fan of rethread straps.

Worse than the mere fact that the harness is rethread, is the fact that the whole harness system system is deeply flawed.

Even with a (tall for her age) one year old, I am unable to get a snug fit using the harness. I have the shoulder straps on the lowest setting and the straps as tight as possible, but the harness is still loose.

I should also mention that I haven’t gone out of my way to see if there is a workaround to this issue (maybe if I moved the straps up it would create a tighter fit?). The harness on the Nuna Mixx2 (2018) is certainly not intuitive, to say the least!

Like I said, we’ve made it work. With a loose harness, I just keep a closer eye on her than I would have to otherwise.

Thankfully, Nuna has addressed this issue and redesigned the 2019 Nuna Mixx! The Nuna Mixx now comes with a “no rethread” harness. I haven’t tested it personally, but anything would be an improvement to the 2018 harness.

The Footrest Fabric

The footrest I love, but the fabric, not so much.

I have the stroller in black (Cavier) – again the 2018 model.

The footrest is made of a different fabric than the rest of the seat (a shiny and leathery fabric).

The problem with the footrest fabric is that it can get very hot to the touch. Definitely too hot for baby’s skin.

I only noticed this happening once, a 90 degree + day and we were at a theme park for the day. I left the footrest up in direct (Florida) sun while we went to see a show. When we came back the footrest was extremely hot!

I have seen the 2019 Nuna Mixx in person and can happily say that they got rid of this fabric on the “Caviar” (black) color option. The footrest is now made with the same fabric as the rest of the seat!

The 2019 Nuna Mixx also comes in Birch and Granite, both which have a grey footrest made with the same fabric as the seat.

The Features I Never Used

Travel System: The ability to attach the Nuna Pipa (infant seat)

The Nuna Pipa (the infant car seat) can pop right into the Nuna Mixx (with the included attachments). This was actually a selling point for me when I decided on the Nuna Mixx since we were planning on getting a Nuna Pipa. But I never ended up using this feature. I opted to use the stroller’s built in bassinet feature instead, so baby could lay flat and stretch out.

Image result for nuna mixx handlebar
The 2019 Mixx also has the ability to attach the Nuna Pipa. One change is that the 2019 Mixx includes a “ring adapter.” This is considered an upgrade from the “peg adapters” that the 2018 Mixx2 came with. The “ring adapter” is supposedly more user friendly.

The rain cover

The Nuna Mixx2 (2018) came with a rain cover included. I’ve never reached for this once.

One change with the 2019 Nuna Mixx is that it no longer comes with this. I personally think this is an improvement since most people probably never use the rain cover either. If someone really does want a rain cover they are still able to buy one separately.

Image result for nuna mixx rain cover
The Nuna Mixx rain cover sells for $40.

Would I Buy the Nuna Stroller Again?

Yes! After using the Nuna Mixx2 for a year+, I can confidently say I would purchase this stroller again (even with the flaws I mentioned).

However, the 2019 Nuna Mixx looks even better with the updates!!!

Where to Buy

The Nuna Mixx2 can be found at a variety of retailers (mostly on-line), including:

I would really appreciate it if you clicked on one of these link if you’re shopping (even if you’re not buying this stroller). Thank you for using my affiliate links and supporting my site!

How much is the Nuna Stroller?

The 2019 Nuna Mixx sells for $649.99.

Other Things to Know

Can the Nuna Mixx be a double stroller?

No, the Nuna Mixx can not be converted into a double stroller. Nuna does have a stroller that is able to be used as either a single or double stroller called the Demi Grow.

Image result for nuna double stroller
Here’s one of the many configurations of the Nuna Demi Grow Stroller.

Ease of Folding

The Nuna Mixx frame collapses down on its own with the pull of the two black triggers near the handlebar. It then clicks into place so it stays folded.

Image result for fold nuna mixx
Here is what the 2019 Nuna Mixx looks like folded

I typically put the brake on first before folding, just so it doesn’t move on me. This also minimizes the rolling around it does in my trunk when I’m driving.

But if you leave the brake off, you can grab the stroller by the handlebar and roll it (similar to a piece of luggage) if you’re going far.

How much does the Nuna stroller weigh?

The Nuna Mixx2 (the version I have) weighs 26.8 pounds. The 2019 Nuna Mixx is essentially the same weight at 27 pounds.

The stroller is an ease to push, but lifting it into my SUV takes some muscle power. Definitely take into consideration your specific circumstances to determine if this is the stroller for you. I played around with the Nuna stroller that was on display in Dillard’s so I could get a feel for exactly what a 27 pound stroller feels like to make sure I felt comfortable lifting it.

For reference, the UppaBaby Vista weighs 26.3 pounds, the UppaBaby Cruz weighs 21.5 pounds and the Nuna Tavo weighs 24.3 pounds.

2018 Nuna Mixx vs. 2019 Nuna Mixx?

The 2018 Nuna Mixx2 came in the following 3 colors (Indigo, Berry, and Caviar):

2018 Nuna Mixx2 in Indigo

2018 Nuna Mixx2 in Berry

2018 Nuna Mixx2 in Caviar

The 2019 Nuna Mixx comes in 3 colors (Birch, Granite and Caviar):

The 2019 Nuna Mixx in Birch

The 2019 Nuna Mixx in Granite

The 2019 Nuna Mixx in Caviar

There are also two other colors available, but only in a stroller and infant car seat combo: Bleu & Verona.

The Nuna Mixx Verona + Pipa LITE LX Travel System
Sells for $1,049.95

Nuna Mixx Bleu + Pipa LITE LX Travel System 2019
Sells for $1,049.95

The 2019 Nuna Mixx includes an “All-Season Seat“: This is where part of the back of the seat snaps off to reveals a mesh backing. This allows for better air flow and I can totally see the value in this living in Florida!

This also means the seat fabric is machine washable! This is huge! Strollers are bound to get dirty from everyday wear (think sunscreen, sweat, food), not to mention what happens if your child gets sick or has a diaper blow-out.

Image result for nuna mixx all season seat
The new “All-Season Seat” in the 2019 Nuna Mixx

Also new for 2019 is a “no re-thread harness“. As discussed in my review above, the harness in the 2018 Nuna Mixx2 is pretty bad, so this is a much welcome change! I haven’t tested this in person, but I am almost certain this will be an improvement!

Another change from 2018 Nuna Mixx2 is the color of the handle bar and armbar. The color was changed from black to brown.

The “Luxe leatherette accented pushbar and armbar” is a gorgeous brown color (updated from black in previous years)

Another small change is that the seat sits slightly higher on the frame (1.3 inches to be exact).

I know that was a lot to take in, so here’s a cheat sheet:

Is the Nuna Mixx a jogging stroller?

No, the Nuna Mixx is not a jogging stroller.

What age does the Nuna Mixx stroller hold?

The Nuna Mixx stroller can be used from birth through 50 pounds.

Does the Nuna Mixx stroller have a cup holder?

The Nuna Mixx does not come with a cup holder for either the parent or child, but can be purchased separately.

Nuna Mixx Cup Holder

The cup holder for the parent can be bought separately for $24.95.

A combined cupholder and snack tray for the child can be bought separately for $39.95.

Does the 2019 Nuna Mixx contain chemical flame retardants?

I reached out to Nuna regarding the use of chemical flame retardants on the 2019 Nuna Mixx. I also asked specifically about the colors Verona and Bleu.

Nuna responded “The Mixx stroller, and the Pipa Lite have no added flame retardants.”

This is great news!

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