Honeylove EverReady Pants Review | Yoga Pants for Work?

In this article, we will be providing a comprehensive, in-depth review of the Honeylove EverReady Pants. We will share everything you need to know about these pants as well as our personal experience and thoughts.

Honeylove Pants Review

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Brief Background on Honeylove

The Honeylove mission: “We believe women deserve garments that are just as comfortable as they are effective — without ever sacrificing style. Our goal is to embolden women of all shapes and sizes through high quality clothing and shapewear that can be worn with pride. We aim to prove that femininity isn’t weakness; it’s a super power.

Honeylove is most known for their shapewear, or as they like to call it, “sculptwear”. Not only do they carry shapewear, but they also have a selection of sculpting clothes, to include:

  • tanks and camis
  • bodysuits
  • bras
  • leggings and pants

Honeylove was founded by EDM artist Betsie Larkin in 2018. Betsie states, “Touring the world as a live performer made me all too aware of the problems with ineffective and uncomfortable shapewear. I wanted garments that would perform so that I could hit the stage feeling my absolute best.”

Here are some highlights when shopping at Honeylove:

1.  Size Inclusive Clothing

Honeylove’s size inclusive clothing ranges from XS to 3X. From their website: “We strive to serve as many different body shapes and sizes as possible so everyone can find their perfect fit.” 

2.  Size Inclusive Models

Unlike some other brands, the models on Honeylove’s website can actually be seen wearing the various sizes. Every piece shows models of two different sizes wearing the product (i.e. a model wearing the S and a model wearing the 1X).

3.  Models of Color

Not only does Honeylove feature models of all sizes, they feature models of color.

4. Easy-to-Use Size Guide

Honeylove has an easy-to-use size guide to help you find the perfect fit. There are two methods – one if you have a tape measure and one if you don’t. 

5.  Generous Return Policy

Even if you don’t get a perfect fit (or just don’t like the product), you can rest assured with Honeylove’s generous return policy. Honeylove’s return policy is that you have 30 days to try it and either exchange it or return it if you don’t love it 100%. Products don’t have to be unworn! This gives us greater confidence in ordering their products. 

6.  Loyalty Reward Program

Honeylove has a loyalty reward program where you can earn points to save on future purchases. 

7. Sustainability Commitment 

“Our products are a true labor of love, and this love also extends towards our planet and community. We strive to reduce packaging waste and create garments that are made to last — not end up in a landfill.”


Review of the Honeylove EverReady Pant

To sum it up, we absolutely are obsessed with the Honeylove EverReady Pant!

Here’s the description of Honeylove EverReady Pant from their website: The EverReady Pant is effortlessly chic and oh-so comfortable. This go-to, everyday trouser features interior shaping panels that sculpt your tummy, hips, and booty. Ponte twill fabric smooths and conceals so you can feel confident all day long.

We have the color “Stormy Blue” in both size XS and S. 

Honeylove EverReady Pants Review
Here is the pant in size S

Here are the top 10 reasons we are loving the Honeylove EverReady Pants

Reasons We Like the Honeylove EverReady Pant

1. Comfortable

We found the Honeylove EverReady Pants to be extremely comfortable! Similar to yoga pants level comfortable. These pants are ones we can wear all day – we don’t have the urge to rip them off the second we walk through the door to change into something more comfortable. They are comfortable enough to curl up on the couch in or sit on the floor with kids. 

2.  Professional 

The Honeylove EverReady Pants are professional enough to wear to the office. It gives a great “put together look”. The look of the pants mimic the traditional work pants. We wear these to the office and have everyone fooled. After working from home, there’s no way we’re going back to work pants with a zipper and button! We like to refer to the Honeylove EverReady Pants as “yoga pants for work”. They’re comfortable like yoga pants, but professional enough for the office.

Here, we paired the Honeylove EverReady Pants with a Honeylove LiftWear Cami, a Lily Pulitzer cardigan and heels for an office ready look. 

3.  Versatile

The Honeylove EverReady Pants are the most versatile pants we own! Not only are these pants perfect for the office, they’re also great for almost any occasion, whether casual or more formal. These are perfect for anytime you want a legging, but more elevated in appearance (i.e. put together). Some examples include traveling, visiting with the in-laws, dinner at a nice restaurant, etc. 

Here, we paired the Honeylove EverReady Pants with a Honeylove LiftWear Cami, a sweater around the waist and Allbird sneakers for a casual look.

4.  Just the right amount of compression

The Honeylove EverReady Pants have just the right amount of compression – not too tight, but not too loose. We found them to be smoothing but not too constricting. We like the built in tummy control! 

5.  Thick material

The fabric of the Honeylove EverReady Pants is very flattering. Just like the website describes, the ponte twill fabric smooths and conceals. The fabric is thick enough that it doesn’t show every dimple (which will happen with thinner leggings). 

6.  Skinny legs

We like the skinny legs of the Honeylove EverReady Pants. Super trendy!

7.  Pockets

The Honeylove EverReady Pants have two back pockets. We love these for two reasons – they help conceal the fact these pants are essentially yoga pants and they are the perfect spot to hold our phone!

8.  Flattering

Though we’ve already mentioned this when discussing the features above, it’s worth mentioning again – these pants are super flattering. We’ve received so many compliments while wearing these pants! We credit the flattering look to the material, the compression, the pockets and the skinny legs.

Below, shows us in the size S:

We also have the pants in a size XS. Below shows a comparison between the 2: Both sizes fit well and are comfortable. The XS does offer more shaping since it’s slightly tighter. We prefer the tighter fit of the XS, but can still happily wear both. 

Honeylove EverReady Pants Review
Honey Love Pant Size XS
Size XS

9.  Machine washable

The Honeylove EverReady Pants are machine washable on cold. We definitely don’t have time for dry cleaning so this is a huge plus. 

10.  Several color options

We also like that the Honeylove EverReady Pants come in a variety of colors: black, blue and gray.   

11 & 12.  (BONUS!) Body positive messaging & inclusive company

We had to add a couple bonus reasons to our top 10 list of why we like the Honeylove EverReady Pants – We love the Honeylove brand as a whole for their body positive messaging and inclusivity! We love that the brand has size inclusive clothing and features models of all sizes and color on their website. 

As a prime example of the body positive messaging, here is what Honeylove sent out in an e-mail at the start of the year:

Instead of focusing on the things we want to change,
we’re starting the year by reminding ourselves about
the things we love. Sculptwear enhances the curves
you already have to make you feel like the most
confident version of you.

13.  (Another BONUS!) Cute & sustainable packaging

Another reason we’re loving Honeylove? The cute and sustainable packaging!

Honey Love package tape
We love the detail of the packing tape!
"You are your own masterpiece"
We love this cute touch! A card welcoming us to the Honeylove family 🙂

Hopefully this review of the Honeylove EverReady Pants was helpful! If you’re looking for the best “yoga pants for work”, these are it!

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