A Grimm’s Easter

These toys will make an egg-celent addition to your Easter celebration!

These toys will make an egg-celent addition to your Easter celebration!

Grimm’s is a family-owned, German-based company that makes high-quality wood toys. We love them because they are non-toxic (made of water-based stains) and open-ended. These toys will provide you and your family years of fun and safe play.

Grimm’s most iconic and popular toy is probably the classic rainbow stacker. They have a huge collection of toys in this rainbow scheme, but they also have a pastel, monochrome and natural wood collection.

The hues of the pastel collection remind me of the colors of spring. If you’re looking for Easter basket fillers, you really can’t go wrong with any of these gorgeous pieces:

Grimm's 6 Pastel Wooden Balls

At 4 1/2 cm in diameter, these balls (also known as giant marbles) are deceptively simple. They can be used in so many different ways during play.

This pastel rainbow is not only aesthetically pleasing to look at, but provides hours of open-ended, imaginative play. Just google images of the Grimm’s rainbow to see just how versatile it is!

These semi-circles are another deceptively simple toy. Probably their best and most popular use is to pair them with the large rainbow to stack the pieces horizontally (see below).

Image result for grimms pastel rainbow and semi circles
A building, a lighthouse, a doll house….you decide!

These building boards are another great addition for open-ended play. They pair well with the large rainbow, as the length of each board coincides with the same colored rainbow piece.

Nice set of basic blocks (4x4cm).

These pastel peg people are great for imaginative play.

If you are interested in making it a Grimm’s Easter, my advice is buy early, as retailers (in the U.S. specifically) often sell out! I know the pastel collection will be especially popular this time of year!


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