Zoe XLC BEST vs. Bugaboo Ant | Travel Stoller Comparison

Zoe XLC Best vs. Bugaboo Ant

If you’re looking for a travel stroller that fits in the overhead compartment of airplanes, both the Bugaboo Ant and the Zoe XLC BEST fit the bill.

Let’s take a look at the similarities and differences between the Bugaboo Ant and the ZOE XLC BEST to see which one comes out on top.

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The Zoe XLC BEST costs $179.  

The Bugaboo Ant cost ranges from $499 to $569 depending on the design option you choose.

Winner:  Zoe XLC BEST The Zoe XLC BEST is significantly cheaper than the Bugaboo Ant.  The Bugaboo Ant at its cheapest option is $320 more than the Zoe XLC BEST.  Plus, you may be able to get the Zoe XLC BEST on sale (we were able to save 10% by signing up for the e-mails!).

More Compact When Folded?

The Zoe XLC BEST dimensions when folded are 22″ L x 17.5″ W x 6″ H.  You can also remove the wheels to lessen the width to 15″ (total dimensions are 22″ L x 15″ W x 6″ H).

When folded, the Bugaboo Ant dimensions are 21.6″ L x 14.9″ W x 9.1″ H.

Winner:  Tied We’ll call this one a tie.  The two fold to practically the same size in terms of length and width.  The Zoe XLC BEST is 3 inches smaller in terms of height.  However, with the Zoe XLC BEST, you have the extra step of having to remove the wheels to get it so compact.

Zoe XLC BEST vs. Bugaboo Ant Folded

Better for Flying?

Both the Zoe XLC BEST and Bugaboo Ant have very similar dimensions and can be brought on most airplanes as carry-on luggage. 

Winner:  Tied  

Design Options?

The Zoe XLC BEST currently comes in 8 different color options, with one being limited edition.  All color options are the same price ($175).  They have something for everyone, as their colors range from bold to neutral.  

The Bugaboo Ant comes in 5 different color options.  You can also choose between a black or aluminum frame.  Some of the options are considered premium and come with a higher price tag.  Here is a break-down of how much the Bugaboo Ant will cost you based on the different design options:

bugaboo ant design options by price

With the premium fabrics on the Bugaboo Ant, you also get a peek-a-boo window and an expandable canopy.

Winner:  Bugaboo Ant  It’s a close call, but ultimately the Bugaboo Ant has more design options.

Weighs Less?

The Zoe XLC BEST weighs 11 pounds and the Bugaboo Ant weighs 15.8 pounds.

Winner:  Zoe XLC BEST

Easier to Carry?

The Zoe XLC BEST can be carried by the stroller handle (like a briefcase).  You can also buy seperately a backpack that fits the Zoe XLC BEST for $50 or a shoulder carry-strap that clips on for $20.

ZOE XLC BEST Backpack and Carry-on Strap

The Bugaboo Ant can also be carried suitcase-style, but more appealing is its ability to be rolled behind you.

Bugaboo Ant Rolled Travel Stroller

Winner: Bugaboo Ant 

Easier to Fold?

It takes quite a few less steps to fold the Zoe XLC BEST than it takes to fold the Bugaboo Ant.  

Winner:  Zoe XLC BEST 

Better for a Baby?

The Zoe XLC BEST is recommended for infants age 3 and up.  

The Bugaboo Ant on the other hand can be used from birth, as it lays flat.  The Bugaboo Ant also has an option to be used with certain car seats if you buy separate car seat adapters.  The Zoe XLC BEST is not compatible with any car seats.

Winner:  Bugaboo Ant

Better for an Older Child?

The height of the seat of the Zoe XLC BEST is 16.5 inches.  The height from the bottom of the seat to the canopy is 26 inches.

The height of the seat of the Bugaboo Ant is 22 inches (when fully extended – the Bugaboo Ant’s seat height is adjustable).

Both the ZOE XLC BEST and Bugaboo Ant have a weight capacity of 50 pounds.  

Winner:  Zoe XLC BEST  The Zoe XLC can accomodate for a taller child.

Better for Multiple Children?

The Zoe XLC BEST doesn’t have the ability to add-on for multiple children.

You can buy a separate attachment for the Bugaboo Ant to accomodate another child.  The Bugaboo Comfort Wheeled Board sells for $125 and attaches on the back of the stroller and allows a child to either stand or sit and ride-along.

Winner:  Bugaboo Ant

Better Tires?

The Zoe XLC BEST wheels measure 5 3/8″ in the front and 6 1/4″ in the back.

The Bugaboo Ant wheels measure 5″ in the front and 6″ in the back.

Winner:  Zoe XLC BEST

Better Suspension?

The Zoe XLC BEST has front wheel suspension, while the  Bugaboo Ant has all-wheel suspension.

Winner:  Bugaboo Ant

Better Recline?

The Zoe XLC BEST is reclined by adjusting a strap behind the seat.  The seat can recline up to 150 degrees (where 180 degrees is completely flat).  The Zoe XLC BEST doesn’t sit fully upright in its most upright position.

Unlike the Zoe XLC BEST, the Bugaboo Ant’s seat can sit more upright and also fully recline 180 degrees. However, in order to lay fully flat, the Bugaboo Ant must be rear facing (facing the adult). When rear facing, the Bugaboo Ant has three seat positions: fully upright, “relaxed,” and flat. When forward facing, the Bugaboo Ant only has two positions: fully upright and relaxed.

Winner:  Bugaboo Ant

Adjustable Footrest?

The Zoe XLC BEST has an adjustable footrest, while the Bugaboo Ant doesn’t even have a footrest.


Winner:  Zoe XLC BEST

Adjustable Handlebar?

The Zoe XLC BEST doesn’t have an adjustable handlebar.  The height is 40.25 inches.

The Bugaboo Ant has an adjustable handlebar and can be set to two positions: 37.4 inches or 40.9 inches off the ground.


Winner:  Bugaboo Ant

Zoe XLC BEST vs. Bugaboo Ant | The Verdict

Both of these strollers check the most important box for us when looking at travel strollers – the ability to fold down small enough to fit in the overhead compartment of an airplane.

Our pick is the Zoe XLC BEST over the Bugaboo Ant for most situations.  For the features you get, the price just can’t be beat!

However, some families might find the Bugaboo Ant to be a better fit.  For instance, if you need a travel stroller for a newborn, one that’s compatible with a car seat, or one that has a ride-on board for multiple children, then the Bugaboo Ant would be the better choice (since the Zoe doesn’t have these features).  The Bugaboo Ant also has the revolutionary feature of being able to rolled behind you like a suitcase.  This alone may be worth the price for some!

Hopefully this comparison was helpful!  We bought the Zoe XLC BEST so be on the look our for a review!

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