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Wonderfold VW4 Volkswagen Stroller Wagon: The Ultimate Solution For Car Loving Families

The VW4 is designed with a unique Volkswagen bus exterior and all the comfort and utility of the famous Wonderfold stroller wagon with some extra features mixed in. We think this is going to be a hit!

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What is the Wonderfold VW4 Volkswagen Stroller Wagon?

The VW4 Volkswagen Stroller Wagon is the latest special edition stroller wagon from the company that made stroller wagons popular, Wonderfold. Wonderfold has stroller wagons to fit virtually every need including a wagon designed for pets! 

The new VW4 Volkswagen Stroller Wagon is based on the top trim $899 W4 Luxe model. The VW4 Volkswagen Stroller Wagon takes everything that is great about the standard model up a notch with additional style and features. Being officially licensed by VW, the price also increases several notches to a healthy $1,599 along the way. 

What features does the VW4 Volkswagen Stroller Wagon have?

Wonderfold VW4 interior
Wonderfold VW4 Seats in Sage Green

For the most part the VW4 functions just like the standard Wonderfold W4 models. It has a huge 300 pound total weight limit, adjustable handlebar and raised bench seats.  It can accommodate up to four children as young as six months old at a time, and the seats can be easily removed or rearranged to fit your specific needs. The wagon also features a canopy to protect your children from the sun or other elements, as well as a storage basket for all of your on-the-go essentials.

Wonderfold VW4 Bondi Blue
Wonderfold VW4 in Bondi Blue
Wonderfold VW4 Sage Green
Wonderfold VW4 in Sage Green

The Wonderfold VW4 has a ton of features and elements that are unique to the special edition model. The overall design doesn’t just look like a classic mini Volkswagen bus but the wagon can come in two different colors that fit the classic VW vibe perfectly. The color choices are “Bondi Blue” which is a nice bright light blue color and “Sage Green”, a nice vintage looking green color. The interior seat material of the wagon matches the exterior color and the harness pads have VW logos on them. The adjustable handlebars are also covered in a vegan leather which add to the premium overall feel of the stroller wagon.

Wonderfold VW4 Headlights
Wonderfold VW4 Headlights

Unlike the standard range of Wonderfold W4’s the VW4 comes with XL All terrain wheels that are styled like Volkswagen hubcaps and a VW bus bumper. One of our favorite details is the functional round LED headlights! They not only look cool and kids will love them but add an element of safety for riding in the dark.

The VW4 offers some creative storage solutions that add practicality to the already excellent Wonderfold W4 range. The side windows double as storage pockets and the height of the windows allows the pockets to be within easy reach of both parents and occupants. The windows are in addition to the large amount of storage already found on all sides of the wagon. 


Wonderfold VW4 dimensions
Wonderfold VW4 Dimensions

The Wonderfold VW4 stroller wagon is a great product but that doesn’t mean it is perfect for everyone. A potential downside for some is that it is available only in one size/configuration. It is based on the full size Wonderfold W4 stroller wagon. That may make it too large for some families who love the automotive inspired design of the VW4 but need the smaller size of a Wonderfold X2M.  

The VW4 also requires the seats to be removed to fold properly. Even though we don’t think that extra step is enough to stop someone from buying it, it is something to consider. It is like someone complaining about the trunk space in a Ferrari. That’s the small price you pay to ride in style. 

What Do We Think about the Wonderfold VW4?

We agree with most people in thinking that the Wonderfold VW4 is pricey but we do think the $1,599 price is justified. The VW4 does not just deliver on style but Wonderfold has somehow been able to combine the style with even more utility and functionality than the standard W4! The VW4 isn’t something that will ever go out of style and it is built to last for many years and multiple kids. 

VW ID Buzz
Volkswagen ID Buzz

The Wonderfold VW4 is also coming out at a perfect time for Volkswagen fans and car fans in general. Volkswagen is launching the all electric VW ID Buzz which is a modern take on the classic bus the Wonderfold stroller wagon is modeled after. We can see both families with a VW ID Buzz and fans of the classic instantly falling in love with the Wonderfold W4. 

Overall, the Wonderfold VW4 Volkswagen Stroller Wagon is the ultimate solution for busy families who need a reliable and stylish way to transport their little ones. Its versatility, convenience, and durability make it a must-have for any family on the go.