Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Kids (2020)

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Kids 2020

Some parents love giving gifts to their kids on Valentine’s Day while others prefer to celebrate the holiday in other ways (or not at all!).  

There are tons of non-materialistic ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day…doing a craft, baking, calling or writing a loved one, or simply just spending time with each other. 

But if you are looking to give a Valentine’s Day gift to your kids, we have some tips and recommendations. 

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Tips for Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids

  • Make sure your Valentine’s Day gift won’t lose its appeal after Valentine’s Day is over.  We love open ended toys!
  • Avoid cheap, plastic junk that will get broken and forgotten about. We stay away from plastic toys as much as possible and recommend you do the same.
  • If you don’t want or need any more toys in your house, consider arts and crafts supplies, books or clothes as gifts.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Kids

If you are looking for Valentine’s Day gifts, here are some ideas. To keep things easy, all are from Natural Baby Co. – one of our favorite online stores – they’re family run out of Montana, carry some of our favorite brands and are competitively priced (oh and free shipping over $49).   Note: everything on our list was in stock at the time we published this article, but no guarantee they will last!

1 | Wooden Retro Phone

How cute this this pink wooden play phone?! Kids will have a blast playing with this retro phone. The dial really spins! It also comes with wooden coins that you can drop in the phone and once you hang up the phone a bell sounds and the coins are returned. Perfect for all ages (just skip the coins for younger kids). It also comes in yellow and black.  We love this toy because it’s open ended and will inspire imaginative play. It can also help build fine motor skills, social skills and number recognition.

2 | Wooden Heart Puzzle

These wooden hearts by Grimm’s sell out every year around Valentine’s Day. 

This is an open ended toy that can be played with in various ways. The blocks can be pieced together like a puzzle, stacked, used in small world play or imaginative play (just to name a few). 

3 | Books

We’ve compiled a list of books for various ages that are perfect for Valentine’s Day. They embody messages like kindness, friendship and love. 

The Nice Book

A fun way to introduce and teach manners, this board book gives lots of examples on how to be nice.  

Please, Mr. Panda

Please Mr. Panda Book Review - Valentines Day 2020

This board book teaches about “please” and “thank you” as Mr. Panda gives donuts to his friends.

You Are Light

This is a unique, interactive board book for toddlers and elementary age children alike. The book’s colorful circles are translucent and let in light.  The book helps teach mindfulness as well as has a message of self-love and self-worth (“you are the light”). 

4 | Sarah's Silks

Sarah’s Silks are another open ended toy we love. Sarah’s Silks make a great Valentine’s Day gift in and of themselves, or can be used to wrap other gifts. 

5 | Piggy Paint

Have a child who enjoys painting their nails? Or wants to start? Check out Piggy Paint, a non-toxic nail polish for kids of all ages. So you can even paint your toddlers nails if they can sit still long enough for it.  It comes in several colors, including hues of pinks, reds and purples, perfect for Valentine’s Day. 

6 | Wobbel Board

We’re big fans on the Wobbel Board! It’s open ended and can be played with in a variety of different ways. It also gets kids moving and exercising, all while having fun!

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7 | Ostheimer Wooden Animals

Natural Baby Co. has a huge selection of Ostheimer wooden animals. We use any excuse to add to our collection. You can keep to the Valentine’s Day theme by getting two animals (a pair of rabbits, for instance) or a family of animals.  Or if you want to stick to the color scheme of Valentine’s Day, you could get a pink pig (or two). 

8 | Stuffed Animal

If you’re kiddo loves stuffed animals (and your house isn’t overtaken by them!), then a Jellycat stuffed animal is sure to win over their hearts. There are so many animals to choose from!  You can pick one based on your child’s current obsession (dinosaurs? whales?). 

Or you could pair a handwritten card with a funny Valentine’s Day pun with the matching animals (if you’re kids are old enough to get the pun of course). Here’s some ideas:

Jellycat Bunny Pink Valentines Day
"Some BUNNY loves you!"
Jellycat Otter Valentines Day
"There's no OTTER like you"
Jellycat Fawn Valentines Day
"I'm very FAWN-ed of you!"
Jellycat monkey Valentines Day
"I'm BANANAS for you!"

9 | Hydro Flask

We didn’t forget about the tweens and teens!  Hydro flasks are very popular with tweens and teens, so this makes the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. We love that they’re eco-friendly and help reduce single use plastic

10 | Stasher Bags

Valentines Day Gift for Tweens and Teens - stasher
Shown in the color ROSE QUARTZ

If you haven’t made the switch away from single use plastic sandwich bags, now is the time! We love Stasher Bags as an eco-friendly and non-toxic alternative.  Why not get your kids excited about it too and give one as a gift for Valentine’s Day?  Stasher bags come in all sorts of pretty colors. 


Hopefully this article on Valentine’s Day gift ideas for kids was helpful!  Please share!

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