New Clek “Mammoth” Fabric | Everything You Need to Know

In this article we’ll go over everything you need to know about Clek’s new fabric, “Mammoth”.

Clek's new Mammoth fabric

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About the New Clek Mammoth Fabric

In July 2021, Clek released a new line of fabric called the “Mammoth“. This is a new flame retardant free fabric option made up of Merino wool + TENCEL®. The wool and tencel blend are said to be softer and more durable than the 100% wool car seat fabrics.

Here is a close-up of the Mammoth (wool and tencel blend) fabric:

Clek still has (2) two 100% wool fabric options: Twilight and Full Moon. There is rumor that these will be discontinued, but are still available at most retailers.

Clek has discontinued a fabric called “Mammoth” or “Mammoth wool”. This was Clek’s original 100% wool fabric that they have kept in their line-up through the years. Many retailers are still selling the old “Mammoth” so you really have to be cautious when shopping so you know exactly what you’re getting. This can be very confusing. Below is a comparison between the old, 100% wool Mammoth fabric and the new 2021 wool & tencel blend Mammomth fabric.

The new wool and tencel blend Mammoth fabric is a charcoal gray color, though it looks like a dark navy blue on screen. Currently, this fabric only comes with a black base. (Check back as we ordered a Foonf in the new Mammoth fabric and will write a full review, including what the fabric actually looks like in person!)

Old & Discontinued "Mammoth Wool" fabric. Made of 100% wool.
Old & Discontinued "Mammoth Wool" fabric. Made of 100% wool.
New 2021 "Mammoth" fabric. Made of merino wool & tencel blend.
New 2021 "Mammoth" fabric. Made of merino wool & tencel blend.

According to Clek, TENCEL® is a natural cellulose, 100% plant-origin fiber that’s manufactured from renewable materials. TENCEL® is naturally soft, supple and breathable, with moisture absorbing properties that pair perfectly with wool. 

The Mammoth fabric is the most expensive option of all the Clek fabrics.

For instance, the Clek Foonf in Mammoth costs $549.99. The other flame-retardant free options (100% wool) cost $509.99. This is a $40 difference. If you’re not interested in a 100% flame retardant free car seat, Clek offers other colors at an even cheaper price. All Clek car seats are free from halogenated (brominated and chlorinated) flame retardants, but not all added chemical flame retardants. 

Only the Clek’s in the colors Twilight, Full Moon and Mammoth are 100% chemical flame retardant free. Wool is naturally resistant to fire and Clek is able to meet the required Federal safety standards without the use of added chemical flame retardants. 

Clek’s new Mammoth fabric is available on most of their products: the Liing, Foonf, Fllo and Oobr. The Mammoth fabric is also available on the “Infant Thingy” accessory.

The new Mammoth fabric is not currently available on these Clek products: Liingo, Olli or Ozzi.

What We Love About the New Clek Mammoth Fabric

We were counting down the days to the release of Clek’s new flame-retardant free fabric ever since they announced it. Here’s some of the major reasons we love the new Clek Mammoth fabric:

  • No added chemical flame retardants.
  • The first car seat fabric by Clek that isn’t 100% wool but is flame-retardant free.
  • Softer than 100% wool fabrics.
  • More durable than the 100% wool fabric.
  • We’re a personal fan of the Navy color
  • Available on the most popular Clek car seats.

Room for Improvement - Clek Mammoth

Although we’re huge fans of the new Clek Mammoth fabric, there is some room for improvement in our opinion:

  • The name is SO confusing! Clek really should have come out with a different name other than “Mammoth”. Mammoth is the name used for a prior color that was 100% wool. Adding to the confusion is the fact that both” Mammoth” fabrics are currently being sold. You really have to be careful what you’re buying. We’ve seen some retailers selling the new “Mammoth” but falely saying it’s made of 100% wool instead of the wool and tencel blend. Even the retailers seem to be confused. This is also confusing for word-of-mouth referrals. Those who write about or refer to Clek’s “Mammoth” may not realize the changes that were made with the new fabric. We don’t consider the new “Mammoth” to be a replacement for the old “Mammoth” considering the changes and the fact there are still 100% wool car seat color options being sold by Clek.
  • More Color Options. We would love to see the wool and tencel fabric made into more color options!
  • White Base Option. We wish the Mammoth color came with a white base option like you can get with many of the other fabrics. We love the modern look of the white Clek bases.
  • Less Expensive. The Mammoth (wool and tencel) fabric is the most expensive color option. At almost $600 for the Foonf, this is one of the most expensive convertible car seat options on the market. We wish non-toxic, flame retardant free car seats were more affordable to the masses. Though Clek is considered a premium brand, we wish the Mammoth fabric was closer in price to their other fabric options.

Where to Buy:

Clek is sold in many big-box stores, but we prefer to shop small. Here’s two great small shops where you can buy Clek in the new Mammoth fabric:

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Clek's new Mammoth fabric
Clek's new Mammoth fabric


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