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Mockingbird Stroller Bassinet | Everything you need to know

The Mockingbird stroller brand makes one of the most fully-featured and competitively priced strollers on the market today. And the Mockingbird stroller just got even better with their newest addition – the Bassinet. In this article, we are diving into all of the details of the new Bassinet.

Mockingbird Bassinet Review

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Benefits of the Mockingbird Bassinet

The Mockingbird Bassinet attachment is designed for use by the very youngest of babies before they are able to use a traditional stroller seat. One of the greatest benefits of the Bassinet is that it is approved for unsupervised overnight sleep when combined with the Bassinet Stand. 

We prefer laying baby flat in the stroller (like in a bassinet) as opposed to attaching an infant car seat, so we are huge fans of the Mockingbird Bassinet.

Then, you can get the Bassinet Stand and attach your Bassinet stroller attachment to use at home for safe sleep. So you can get double-use out of your Bassinet:

1. Use as a stroller attachment for laying baby flat

2. Use at home (or while traveling) as a bassinet for naps or overnight sleep with the Bassinet stand

There are so many benefits to using the Mockingbird stroller Bassinet & Bassinet Stand combo. We love a double-duty product that takes up less space in the home. With this also comes less maintenance, less costs, less stuff to get rid of when baby outgrows it, etc.

Both the Mockingbird Bassinet and Bassinet Stand are lightweight, making them easy to move around. You can use the Bassinet bed-side at night, then easily move the Bassinet and Bassinet Stand around the house for a safe, portable, place for naps throughout the day. We love being able to move it easily from room to room, and up and down the stairs (of course, not with the baby in it). 

The Mockingbird Bassinet and Bassinet Stand combo really shines if you plan on doing any traveling. This makes traveling with baby so much easier. If staying in a hotel, you just have to bring along the Bassinet stand, along with your stroller (with the Bassinet attachment). The Bassinet Stand is much more compact than a travel bassinet, travel bed or pack-n-play, that you would have to bring otherwise. Many hotels offer cribs or pack-n-plays, but we’ve never liked the idea of using these, as you just never know how safe or clean they are. We love having the comforts of home (and using our own products) while traveling. Even if you don’t plan on traveling, the Bassinet and Bassinet Stand would be very useful if you plan on having baby sleep anywhere outside the home (like at a grandparent’s house). Again, no need to get a separate, bulky contraption for safe sleep…just use your stroller attachment and transport the compact Bassinet Stand!

Details of the Mockingbird Bassinet


The price of the Mockingbird Bassinet is $140 and the Bassinet Stand is $90 for a total of $230 for the pair

Color Options

The Mockingbird bassinet comes in 5 colors, as shown below:

  • Black
  • Bloom (a light pink)
  • Sage (green)
  • Sea (a dark teal)
  • Sky (a light blue)
Mockingbird Bassinet colors
Mockingbird Bassinet colors
Mockingbird Bassinet colors
Mockingbird Bassinet colors
Mockingbird Bassinet colors

The base of the Bassinet is black, no matter which color option you choose. 

The inside of each Bassinet canopy is white, with small black design features. This black and white contrast provides great visual stimulation for young babies. We love this extra touch, plus the modern look it gives for the grown-ups to appreciate.

Each of the colors offered in the Bassinet corresponds with the colors currently offered in the Mockingbird stroller. We love that you can mix or match – either get the same color bassinet as your stroller, or change up the look and get a different color.

Age Limits

The Mockingbird Bassinet is intended for a minimum age of newborn, with no explicit maximum age. The upper limit of use for the Bassinet is limited by weight (20 lbs) and the child’s ability to push up on their hands and knees. When they reach either one of those metrics then the child is too big to continue using the Bassinet.

Weight Limits

As with the age limits, the Mockingbird Bassinet has no minimum weight limitation. The maximum weight limit for safe use is 20 lbs. As we mentioned above, if your child is able to push up on their hands and knees then you should stop using the Bassinet even if the 20 lb weight limit has not been reached.

Bassinet Stroller Configurations

The Bassinet is compatible with either the Mockingbird Single stroller, or their Single-to-Double stroller. You do not have to purchase any separate attachments to attach the Bassinet. However, you do need the 2nd Seat Kit Attachment to convert the Single-to-Double into a 2 seater or use with two kids.

Unfortunately, the Mockingbird double stroller (or Single-to-Double), can not accommodate two Bassinets. If you have twins, Mockingbird recommends using two Infant inserts or two Car Seat Attachments. Both of these attachments can make your Mockingbird stroller “newborn compatible”, in addition to the Bassinet attachment.

The infant inserts allow you to lay baby flat in the stroller seat the Mockingbird comes with, as shown below:

Size of the Bassinet

The Mockingbird Bassinet is perfectly sized to accommodate baby with plenty of room to safely sleep and maneuver. The actual dimensions of the Bassinet are 30 inches long, 18 inches wide and 13 inches tall with the canopy folded down. The Bassinet and Bassinet Stand both fold down to a smaller size that makes them more compact and easier to travel with.

The Bassinet itself only weighs 11.9 lbs which also helps with portability. 

Bassinet Features

Even though a bassinet is a relatively basic concept, Mockingbird has added some really nice features to theirs that parents are sure to appreciate. The Mockingbird Bassinet features a retractable folding canopy with a magnetic peek a boo window and full coverage zippered sunshade.

As mentioned previously, the inside lining is always white with black designs which provide visual stimulation for the little one inside.

The top of the canopy frame doubles as a handle for easily lifting the Bassinet without the added weight of an additional external handle. 

The Mockingbird Bassinet also comes with a soft foam mattress pad, with a removable sheet. This makes for a comfortable place for baby to sleep, all while meeting the safety standards for overnight sleep. 

And finally, the Mockingbird Bassinet is easy to clean! The removable mattress pad sheet is machine washable (in warm water with a mild detergent). For all other pieces, (including in inner foam mattress), you can wipe down/hand wash with a damp cloth. How easy something is to clean is an important thing we look for, because with babies come the inevitable messes (diaper leaks, diaper blow-outs, spit up, etc.)

Mockingbird Bassinet Stand Features

The Mockingbird Bassinet Stand is a must-have if you want to maximize the use of your Mockingbird Bassinet. It allows you to use your Bassinet for safe sleep (both naps and overnight).

The Bassinet Stand folds down nearly flat, making it easy to carry (or store when not in use).

We love the huge storage basket the Bassinet Stand has. The storage basket also has an interior pocket to help keep track of smaller items. 

The Mockingbird Bassinet Stand also has no-slip, rubber foot pads.

Where to Buy the Bassinet

 The Mockingbird Bassinet and Bassinet Stand can be bought from the official Mockingbird website. 

The Bassinet and Bassinet Stand is also available on Babylist – this is a great way to add your Mockingbird stroller and accessories (like the Bassinet, Bassinet Stand, cupholder, etc.) to your Baby Registry!

Although the Mockingbird stroller is also available at Target, the new Bassinet and Bassinet stand aren’t currently sold there.

Release Date

Mockingbird released the Bassinet (and Bassinet Stand) in September 2022. The Mockingbird Bassinet replaced the Mockingbird Carriage (more on that below).

Mockingbird Carriage vs. Bassinet | What's the difference?

Prior to the release of the Bassinet, Mockingbird previously had a Carriage attachment.

Although they look similar, there are important differences to be aware of. 

The old Mockingbird Carriage
The Old Mockingbird Carriage
The New Mockingbird Bassinet
The New Mockingbird Bassinet

Unlike the Bassinet, the Carriage is not approved for safe sleep. In order to meet the overnight safe sleep standards, the Bassinet is different from the Carriage in a couple of ways:

  1. The Bassinet is deeper than the Carriage (approximately 1.5 inches deeper).
  2. The liner of the Bassinet is fixed in place and is not removable to create a very tight fabric sidewall for infant sleep safety (on the Carriage it is removable).

Mockingbird is no longer selling the Carriage (it used to sell for $110) – however, many people may already own the Carriage or see them come up for sale secondhand. It’s important to note that the (old) Carriage is NOT compatible with the new Bassinet stand. 

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