Doona Midnight Edition vs. Regular Doona | What's the Difference?

Doona has come out with a Midnight Edition of the ever popular Doona car seat and stroller. We look into what the differences (besides the price tag) are between the two and if the Midnight Edition is the one worth getting.

Doona Midnight vs. Regular

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What is the Doona Midnight Edition?

Doona Midnight Edition What's the Difference?
Doona Midnight Edition

The Doona Midnight Edition of the extremely popular Doona car seat/ stroller is the company’s latest Doona car seat/stroller variant. Because of the addition of the Midnight Edition model, the standard (original) Doona car seat and stroller combo is part of what they are calling the “Core Collection”. 

The main and most notable difference of the Midnight Edition Doona car seat/stroller is the color. The Midnight Edition color scheme is as the name implies, mostly dark or “blacked out”. This new, dark color gives the stroller/car seat a sleek, sort of luxurious look, compared to the original Doona. We will get into the specific differences between the two Doona versions below.

Rolls-Royce Cullinan Black Badge
Rolls-Royce Cullinan Black Badge
Bentley GT Blackline

Blacked out or darker design palettes of many luxury or high end products have become more and more popular recently.  Both Rolls-Royce and Bentley even offer their own dark themed versions of all their vehicle models! Why not carry the theme over to your stroller/car seat as well?

Differences Between Doona and Doona Midnight Edition

Besides the darkened design theme of the Doona Midnight Edition, there are several other differences from the original Doona. Let’s start with the most important one:

Price Difference

The price of the standard or original Doona stroller/car seat is $550.

The Midnight Edition Doona stroller/ car seat is $100 more at $650.

Color Options and Personalization

Doona vs Evenflo Shyft DualRide
Original Doona

Original Doona stroller/car seat:

The regular Doona currently comes in 7 colors. The colors in the order displayed in the above image are Racing Green, Nitro Black, Blush Pink, Grey Hound, Desert Green, Royal Blue and Flame Red. The wide color selection of the standard Doona Stroller/car seat ranges from bright to sophisticated. It is nice because anyone can find a color that suits their taste and expresses a little bit of their personal style.

An important thing to note is that even though the original Doona does have a black color option, this black color does not extended to as many parts as the Midnight Edition. No matter what color you choose from the “Core” or original Doona line, the frame and inner seat cover remain the same color. The frame is a “charcoal” colored aluminum and the inner seat cover color is black.

Doona Midnight Edition vs Original Doona
Doona Midnight Edition

Midnight Edition Doona stroller/car seat:

The Midnight Edition comes in a single overall color configuration. Black. Although the original Doona stroller/car seat has a lot of black features no matter what color you choose, the Midnight Edition extends the black color to areas the original Doona does not. This includes items like the black anodized aluminum frame and black bamboo fiber infant insert.

Here is the complete list of the major Doona Midnight Edition design differences over the original Doona from their website:

  • Black anodized aluminum profiles

  • Black canopy with faux-leather detailing

  • Black faux-leather removable handle bar cover 

  • Matching shoulder pads

  • Black seat cover with diamond pattern and faux-leather detailing

  • Black Bamboo-fiber Infant Insert & Head Support 

  • Exclusive edition packaging


Original Doona Blush Pink

Original Doona stroller/car seat comes with:

  • Doona™ Infant Car Seat & Stroller

  • Doona™ LATCH Base

  • Doona™ Infant Insert

  • Doona™ Head Support

  • Doona™ Vehicle Seat Protector

Any extra items can be purchased from the website separately. Optional extras include items like a travel bag, sunshade extension and 360 degree protection net.

Doona Midnight Edition Car Seat
Doona Midnight Edition Car Seat

Midnight Edition Doona stroller/car seat:

The Midnight Edition Doona comes with all of the same things the standard Doona does plus several valuable extras. Here is a complete list from their website of what comes in the box:

  • Doona™ Infant Car Seat & Stroller – Midnight Edition 

  • Doona™ Essentials Bag – Midnight Edition

  • Doona™ Doona Handlebar Cover

  • Doona™ LATCH Base 

  • Doona™ Infant Insert – Midnight Edition 

  • Doona™ Head Support – Midnight Edition 

  • Doona™ Vehicle Seat Protector 

Doona Midnight Edition Essentials Bag
Doona Midnight Edition Essentials Bag
Doona Midnight Faux Leather handlebar
Doona Midnight Faux Leather handlebar

The items that are actually extra compared to the original Doona are the: 

  • Doona™ Essentials Bag – Midnight Edition

  • Doona™ Doona Handlebar Cover 

Is the Doona Midnight Edition Worth It?

For the extra $100 in cost for the Doona Midnight Edition you do get more than just an all black stroller/car seat. You get thoughtful many additional styling details like faux leather accents and diamond stitching. Along with the more upscale styling of the Doona Midnight Edition, you get a bag and a handlebar cover. As far as these things being worth a $100 premium, it is up to the individual to decide. If you were just to buy the standard Doona Essentials bag ($60) and handlebar cover ($30) for the original Doona separately it would total $90 alone. That leaves a difference of just $10 for the rest of the additional design features!

We personally think the additional cost is worth it! Although we can appreciate the ability to choose various colors of the original Doona, the color selections do not really change the overall appearance as much as the Midnight Edition does. The Midnight Edition is a much more thorough styling difference than original Doona options and with the inclusion of the additional accessories we see the $100 value. Some parents may even like the Midnight Edition Essentials Bag enough for that alone to justify the additional cost. In the end it all comes down to how much you value the differences between the two Doona variants so there really isn’t a wrong choice. 

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