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Disney Theme Easter Basket Ideas | Disney Easter Egg Fillers, Disney Easter Basket Fillers & More

Whether you have an upcoming Disney trip planned or are just a household that loves Disney, we love the idea of having a Disney themed Easter basket. We’ve put together a list of the best Disney Easter basket fillers, including Disney Easter egg fillers. You can incorporate Disney as much or as little as you like in your child’s Easter basket. Many of the items we have picked are either collectible, practical or are items that are great hand me downs. We like the idea of reducing the junk we add to the landfills. 

Disney Themed Easter Basket ideas

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Disney Themed Easter Basket

We’ve broken this article down into 3 main sections:

  1. Disney Easter Baskets
  2. Disney Easter Egg Fillers
  3. Disney Easter Basket Fillers

We’ve got Disney themed Easter basket ideas for all age groups and all budgets.

Disney Easter Baskets

The basket itself doesn’t necessarily need to be Disney themed to have “Disney themed Easter basket”, but it certainly can be!

Star Wars Baskets

If you’ve got a Star Wars fan, then these Star Wars baskets would make a perfect Easter basket. We like that they can double as organizational bins, so they can be used all year round.

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Mickey and Minnie Baskets

A Mickey and Minnie Mouse themed Easter basket is a great choice for any Disney fan. If you are looking to add some magic to your own Easter celebration, these Mickey and Minnie Mouse themed storage bins are a playful and perfect choice. Just like the Star Wars bins above, they can actually have a use after Easter as storage.

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Easter Basket Grass

Skip the fake plastic grass!  You can skip the Easter basket grass in general, but if you’re loooking for a cute non-toxic alternative, consider using a play silk.  Sarah’s Silks make a great alternative to Easter basket grass.  You can keep with the grass theme and get green or switch it up and choose from a multitude of fun colors.  We love the idea of using a play silk as Easter grass because it doubles as an open-ended toy and won’t be tossed to the side or thrown away.

Green Sarah's Silk

Disney Easter Egg Fillers

A Disney themed Easter basket isn’t complete without Disney Easter egg fillers! Here are a couple ideas of small items that can fit inside most eggs. 

Disney Band-Aids

The thing we love most about using Disney Band-Aids as egg fillers is that they are actually practical. It’s hard to find items small enough to fit in eggs that won’t eventually get lost between the seats in the car or stepped on. Many young children love Band-Aids and you can really never have enough around the house!

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Disney Stickers

Kids of all ages love stickers! Disney sticker packs are a great inexpensive Easter egg filler. You can simply cut out the stickers and put them in the eggs. Similar to the Band-Aids, kids can never have enough stickers!

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Disney Doorables

Doorables are cute small collectible Disney themed figurines that can easily fit in an Easter egg. You can buy a Doorable set and put a Doorable in each egg. They can be purchased in both small and large sets (over 30 figurines!) so you can find a set and specific theme that meets your egg filling needs. Doorables come in such a large variety and large number of sets that you can easily use them for Easter egg hunts. 

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Mickey Mouse Dice

A set of Mickey Mouse dice can add a ton of fun to any board game your kids already own. Dice can even be fun played with by themselves. They are the perfect size to either fit in Easter eggs or the whole set can just go directly into the Easter basket.  

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Disney Pins

Disney pins can be a perfect Easter egg filler item because of their small size and variety. There are countless designs and Disney themes available and new ones continuously being released. Whether your kid is a collector of Disney pins or would like to just have a few from their favorite movie or character there is definitely a pin set for them. Disney also sells Blind Box pin sets that have general themes but the specific pins inside are unknown until opened. The Blind Boxes could be included in the Easter basket outside of the eggs as well. 

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Disney Easter Basket Fillers

Disney makes a virtually unlimited number of items that could fit in a perfect Easter basket. We did most of the leg work for you and picked out a few of our favorite items to toss in. 

Disney Bathing Suit

A fun Disney bathing suit can easily be rolled up and placed in an Easter basket. A bathing suit is a practical item that kids will love. It will get them excited about going swimming and depending on where you live, the warmer weather around the corner. 

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Disney Blue Light/Sunglasses

Disney themed sun or blue light glasses are the perfect size to fit in an Easter basket. Depending on where you live the sunglasses can be used year round and the blue light glasses can be used either for screen time or general play. Our personal favorite are these Encanto blue light filtering glasses styled after the pair worn by Mirabel in the movie.

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Disney Underwear

Underwear might not be glamorous and depending on the age of your child could be embarrassing. Younger children will most likely love the idea and we can’t really think of a more practical Easter basket item.

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Disney Mini Brands

Disney is always coming out with new Mini Brands and they are the perfect size to fit in any Easter Basket. Kids love them because they follow the recent trend of mystery toys. You never know which exact toy you will get until you open them. Admittedly, Mini Brands aren’t as practical as underwear but some kids may like getting them better.

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Disney Hat

A Disney themed hat is a practical item that kids will love and love to use all year round. A hat can include anything from the traditional baseball style to a Disney Beanie rolled up in the Easter basket.

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Disney Toothbrush

A Disney themed toothbrush is a practical Easter Basket gift that can add more fun to brushing teeth. If your child already has an electric toothbrush you can just purchase replacement heads that are Disney character themed. The heads themselves have character stickers on them that can bring new life to an old electric toothbrush. 

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Disney Bath Bomb

Disney themed bath bombs are a great Easter basket stuffer that can be enjoyed by any kid. They are small enough to place as many as you want in the basket and also get the kids excited about bath time! 

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Disney Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer has never been considered a fun item until now. Touchland makes an irresistible set of hand sanitizer sprays that are the perfect size to place in the Easter basket. The hand sanitizer sprays are pocket sized and  fit in the palm of your hand. The containers are also recyclable when empty. Kids love using them and they have amazing scents! 

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Disney Finger Puppets

These finger puppets can be placed in the Easter basket or used as an Easter egg filler. There are a variety of specific finger puppet themes available on Target’s website from Marvel characters to more classic Disney ones. The finger puppets are waterproof so they can be used anywhere from the bath to traveling in the car.

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Disney Legos

There are an endless variety of Disney themed Lego sets available. Legos are a great Easter basket item because they   are available in so many different sized from small sets to large ones like a full sized Cinderella’s Castle. For smaller kids (ages 2+) there are even Disney Lego Duplo sets with larger pieces that are easier for little hands to handle. The greatest thing about Lego sets as an Easter basket item is that they are great for kids of all ages and even if the kids outgrow the individual set themes they can still use all of the Lego pieces individually forever! 

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Disney Munchlings

Munchlings are a very popular small plush toy that kids love to collect! Disney has a huge variety of them available and new ones are released all the time. Their relative small size and collectibility remind us a little of the Beanie Baby craze many years ago. We know without a doubt that kids would love to get a few Munchlings in their Easter Basket!

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Disney Books

Disney books are really a perfect Easter Basket item for any Disney fan. They can be used by children of all ages and for generations. From board books to chapter books there are Disney themed books for every Easter basket. 

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