50 Best Disney Gifts for Adults

We love experiencing all things Disney through the eyes of our child, but we’re also huge Disney fans. If you’re looking for the perfect Disney-themed gift for an adult, look no further! We put together a list of the best gifts for Disney adults.

Our list features a ton of unique Disney gift ideas – so you’re sure to find something even the most die-hard Disney fan doesn’t already have! You’ll notice we’ve included a bunch of products from shops found on Etsy. We love supporting small businesses whenever we can and recommend you do the same! We’ve also included gift ideas at all price points so you’re sure to find something in your budget.

Best Disney Gifts for Adults

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What's a Disney Adult?

Disney Adult


Here are some of the most popular definitions of a Disney Adult according to Urban Dictionary:

1. A millennial adult, with or without kids, that can’t stop talking about Disney, including the movies and the parks. Even if they do have kids, they’re still way more obsessed with it than their kids ever would be. They probably engage in casual “Disneybounding” and visit the theme parks at least once a year. They are obsessed with everything Disney and probably have a Mickey Mouse bumper sticker and/or tattoo. One of the most terrifyingly intense people you’ll ever encounter.

2. An adult with an intense and extreme love of The Walt Disney Company films, television shows, franchises, characters, theme parks, merchandise/ memorabilia, and/or products. Disney Adults may devote an unreasonably large portion of time or resources towards expressing their love of Disney, and the content Disney or its subsidiaries produce. This can include buying merchandise, memorabilia, collectibles or novelty items, movie tickets, or subscriptions to streaming services, visiting and spending money at Disney-owned theme parks, holding a very active role in a Disney fandom/fandoms; or generally supporting Disney, financially or otherwise, to an excessive degree.

Disney Adults are typically thought to be Millennials who continued to be avid fans of Disney and its subsidiaries even after aging out of the usual target audience for most Disney franchises/films/shows. They are often criticized for their radical support of and devotion to a company that makes what is widely regarded as being children’s entertainment.

3. Adults who have a strong passionate love for the Disney franchise.

Whether you’re just looking for a Disney gift for an adult or a Disney gift for a “Disney Adult”, we’ve got you covered! 

Disney Gift Ideas for Adults

Here are the top Disney gift ideas for adults:

1. Disney Hand Sanitizer

We love this collab that Touchland did with Disney. After trying so many different brands of hand sanitizers, we fell in love with the Touchland brand. The spray feature makes it so much more kid-friendly. Other pros: it lasts much longer and the packaging is super chic.

Touchland has a collaboration with Disney featuring Mickey Mouse on the bottle. This is one of our favorite gift recommendations for any Disney adult, as it is very practical and sure to be used!

View on Touchland.com →

2. Disney-Inspired Soy Candles

Disney-inspired candles can help keep the magic from the parks in your home year-round. We like the candles from MortandCo., and Etsy-shop based out of California. They make a variety of inspired candles and they’re made of soy (which a much better alternative to traditional candles!)

View on Etsy.com

3. Disney Lip Balm

These Disney lip balms are sold at Disney Spring’s Basin store. However, you can also buy them on-line. We like that they are made with organic sunflower seed oil.

Shown is a Mickey/Minnie duo, but they also have Donald, Daisy, Goofy and Pluto. You can buy them in duos or individually. 

View on Basin.com

4. Disney-Themed Eyeshadow Palette

Know a Disney adult who loves make-up? Get them a unique eyeshadow palette  with Disney-themed packaging and eyeshadow names, like this Lion King one from Makeup Revolution. Eyeshadow names include Hakuna Matata, Pride Rock, and Simba, just to name a few!

View on Target.com

5. Reusable Disney Makeup Remover Wipes

Also a great Disney gift for an adult who wears makeup are these reusable Disney Princess makeup wipes. Made by the Etsy shop JaydieBugandb out of Florida. Check out their shop for other Disney prints!

View on Etsy.com

6. Disney Hair Brush

We love the Wet Brush brand of hair brushes. They have a ton of Disney hairbrushes to choose from. Everything from Raya to Ariel to Frozen!

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7. Disney Themed Hair Scrunchies

The ChloeandBelle have the cutest handmade scrunchies. They have a ton of different options inspired by both the Disney Parks and movies. This would make a unique gift for a Disney-loving adult!

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8. Disney Bath Bomb

Give the gift of relaxation and self-care with these Disney-themed bath bombs. These are handmade in Mass. by the Etsy shop “ResetByMegan”. 

They also sell bath bombs with Disney-themed rubber ducks attached! 

View on Etsy.com →

9. Mickey Soap Dispenser

While we’re talking bathroom products, let’s talk soap! How can you resist this Mickey shaped soap!?

The Etsy shop, 3DUniverse, makes these attachments for Bath & Body Works foaming hand soap.

Even cooler is that these are made using a 3D printer by two college students pursuing degrees in nursing and aerospace engineering! 

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10. Mickey Apple Watch Charger Attachment

This Mickey Apple Watch charger attachment is a great, affordable gift for the Disney adult in your life. It’s made using a 3D printer by the same Etsy shop mentioned above (3DUniverse), so you could pick up both at the same time!

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11. Stylish Minnie Mouse Fanny Pack

Freshly Picked is a company most known for their diaper bags and leather moccasins for kids, but they have things for just the adults too! Like this trendy Minnie Mouse fanny pack.

We like the subtle neutral color and subtle details. This would be perfect for visiting the parks! (The inside has a Disney touch, too!).

View on FreshlyPicked.com →

12. Pet Goodies

If you know someone who love their pet like a child and who likes Disney, then combine the best of both worlds!

There are so many great Disney-themed pet goodies. We’ve found the best selection from Chewy.

Some of our favorite Disney pet goodies are the:

  • Mandalorian Grogu Pet Toy (Squeeks and Crinkles)
  • Minnie Mouse Hawaiian Leash
  • Mickey Mouse Cat Tower
  • Winnie the Pooh Hunny Pet Bed

Check out this Tik Tok for other options.

View on Chewy.com

13. Mickey Shaped Cookie Cutter

Even with no cooking skills, any Disney-loving adult can jazz up their food with a Mickey shaped cookie cutter. This is a cheap, but great Disney gift.

Perfect for sandwiches, brownies, cookies, rice crispies, eggs, or toast, just to name a few!

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14. Disney Parks Cookbook

For those Disney adults who have cooking skills (or want to improve their cooking skills), gift them The Unofficial Disney Parks Cookbook!

From delicious Dole Whip to tasty Mickey Pretzels, this cookbook contains 100 magical Disney-inspired recipes. The Disney-loving adult in your life can bring the magic of the parks home.

We are not the only ones who love it. This Tik Tok video made by user @kierastellatravel showing off this cookbook has over 50K likes (check it out if you want to see a sneak peak inside!)

View on Target.com →

15. Disney Parks Drinks Recipe Book

If drinking fancy cocktails is more their speed, then any Disney-loving adult would love this Disney Parks Drink Recipe Book.

It contains recipes of drinks you would find in the Disney parks!

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16. Star Wars Death Star Ice Cube Mold

You can’t go wrong with this Start Wars Death Star Ice Cube Mold for any Star Wars lover. This will jazz up any drink!

Reviews say it’s easy to use and works well. Just leave plenty of time for shipping!

View on Etsy.com →

17. Neck Ties

Have a friend or family member that wears suits by day but Disney t-shirts by night?

Then get them a Disney tie so they can sport their love for Disney all the time!

ShopDisney has a ton of options, from subtle to not-so-subtle. We picked out a couple of our favorites – this Millennium Falcon necktie and this Mickey head necktie.

View on ShopDisney.com →

18. Stationary Set with Epcot Ball-Shaped Sticky Note

This stationary set is so beautifully designed and makes the perfect gift! It’s made by the Etsy shop CharmedAndCozy, which is also well known for their Disney-themed patches and pins.

View on Etsy.com →

19. Disney Post-it Notes

We also love these Disney Post-it notes made by the Etsy shop karmaNkismet. We picked out some our our favorites (Mary Poppins & It’s a Small World), but they have several other designs including Star Wars.

View on Etsy.com →

20. Gucci Pencil Case

If you’re looking to spend $$$ on a Disney gift, then consider buying something from the Disney x Gucci collaboration, like this Gucci Donald Duck Pencil Case! You can also get it with Daisy Duck.

The Disney x Gucci collection also has pencil sets, paper weights, notebooks, sticky notes and the most expensive thing in the collection at $530, a fan.

View on Gucci.com →

21. Estee Lauder x Disney Compact Mirror

Here’s another pricey, but potentially perfect gift for someone who loves Disney.

P.S. If you have an Amex Platinum card, not only does it come with great travel perks, it comes with a $50 Saks credit every 6 months! That’s free $100/year to spend at Saks Fifth Avenue!

View on SaksFifthAvenue.com →

22. Peter Pan Wall Clock

We love this Peter Pan wall clock made by the Etsy shop,SolPixieDust.

We also featured this clock in the Subtle Ways to Incorporate Disney in Your Home article.

View on Etsy.com →

23. Star Wars Legos

Legos aren’t just for kids. In fact, many of the Star Wars Lego sets are more challenging and would make any adult Star Wars fan happy.

Did you know there are $800, 7500+ piece Star Wars sets? In this viral Tik Tok, which received 24 MILLION views and over 4 million likes, @maddiehen02 gets her boyfriend one!

View on Target.com →

24. Winnie the Pooh Legos

One of our favorite newer Disney Lego sets is this Winnie the Pooh one. It’s been very popular ever since it was released (often on backorder on Lego.com), but we’ve had luck finding it in stock at Target!

View on Target.com →

25. Mickey Pillows

These Mickey pillows would make a great gift for any Disney-loving adult. These pillows are hand-made by the Etsy shop EnchantingEarsbyEmma. We like that there are over a dozen color options to choose from, so you can really customize the Mickey pillow to any decor.

View on Etsy.com →

26. Barefoot Dreams Throw Blanket

Barefoot Dreams is known for their super soft robes. The Barefoot Dreams robes are a well-known favorite of Oprah, frequently making her Favorite’s Things list.

This Barefoot Dreams throw blanket is sure to be super cozy and luxurious, making a great gift.

The Amex Platinum card gives you $50/twice a year to spend at Saks, which can save you money on this throw blanket!

View on SaksFifthAvenue.com →

27. Customized Cast Member Drink Coaster

We love this customizable Cast Member drink coaster. This would make a perfect gift for a Cast Member or any adult who loves Disney.

View on Etsy.com →

28. Villainous Board Game

Villainous is a game of strategy. It comes highly rated and even has expansion packs you can buy.

Is Villainous a good gift for the Disney adult in your life? Check out this Tik Tok review and decide for yourself.

View on Target.com →

29. Mickey Dice

Any Disney adult who likes board games, would love these Mickey Mouse dice.

View on Etsy.com →

30. Disney Pyrex Containers

These Disney Pyrex containers are perfect for storing leftovers. 

This would make a great gift for any Disney adult. They certainly make adulting more fun!

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31. Book Phone Case from ChickLitDesigns

We are obsessed with these Disney phone cases that resemble books, made by ChickLitDesigns.

The phone case doubles as a wallet. You can also get the same designs as an Ipad case or Kindle case.

ChickLitDesigns has the following Disney book covers to choose from:

  • Sleeping Beauty
  • Mary Poppins
  • Peter Pan
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • The Little Mermaid
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • Rapunzel

This is truly a wonderful and unique gift!

View on Etsy.com →

32. Disney Doormats

Any Disney loving adult would love one of these doormats! We picked out a few of our favorites from the Etsy shop WOWmats“. 

View on Etsy.com →

33. Disney Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are a game changer for keeping things organized when traveling. 

Make someone’s day by getting them these Disney packing cubes. These are from Stoney Clover. Stoney Clover recently did a super popular collab with Target, but you can grab these packing cubes directly from their website.

View on StoneyClovercom →

34. Disney Passport Holder

We love these customizable passport holders. These are made by the Etsy shop “StateofMuse“. You can customize the number of pockets as well as the fabric (they have lots of Disney prints to choose from!). 

View on Etsy.com →

35. Vera Bradley x Disney Duffle Bag

Vera Bradley often partners with Disney to come out with special collections. They have various bags, clothes and even crocs in a special Disney Vera Bradley print.

Check out this viral Tik Tok which explains why the Vera Bradley duffle bag is so amazing.

View on VeraBradley.com →

36. Applewatch Straps & Accessories

How amazing are these Mickey ears that pop on to an Applewatch? This would make a great gift for the Disney adult in your life. It’s perfect to wear in the parks, or even year-round for the most die-hard Disney fans. The Etsy shop that makes this, Ipanemacustomdesigns, also has a ton of laser engraved Applewatch straps with various Disney themes and characters.

View on Etsy.com →

37. Airpod Case

If you know someone who is always losing their Airpods, get them a Disney-themed Airpod case, like this Baymax one! These are made by the Etsy shop “AirPodQueen“. This shop has tons of other Disney options too, likeBaby Yoda, Baby Groot, Stitch and Forky, just to name a few!

View on Etsy.com →

38. A Spoon Full of Sugar Spoon

This Mary Poppins inspired spoon brings a touch of Disney magic into the home. This is made by the Etsy shop “pumpernickelandwry“. We’ve been a fan of this spoon for years. 

Also featured in: Subtle Ways to Incorporate Disney in Your Home

View on Etsy.com →

39. Joffrey’s Coffee Subscription

If you know a Disney fan who drinks coffee, they probably have their fair share of Disney-themed coffee mugs. And they probably have consumed their fair share of Joffrey’s coffee. Joffrey’s Coffee is the Official Specialty Coffee of Disney World, Disneyland, and the Disney Vacation Club.

Joffrey’s Coffee offers a coffee subscription, featuring the Disney collection of coffee, that make the perfect gift for any Disney fan!

Simply choose between a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription, and pick ground, french press or whole beans.

Each subscription comes with three of Joffrey’s specialty coffee blends inspired by Disney Parks & Resorts.

P.S. You can also buy various bags of Disney coffee separately. 

View on Joffreys.com →

40. Mickey Waffle Maker

Yes, there a cheaper Mickey waffle makers out there, but this one is the best of the best. It makes Mickey waffles almost identical to the ones you can find in the parks and resorts. 

Another reason we love it…the waffle maker is double sided, with 3 waffle makers on each side, so you can make 6 waffles at a time.

View on ShopDisney.com →

41. Dishwasher Magnet

We love this dishwasher magnet that rotates to show whether the dishes are clean or dirty. These are made by the Etsy shop “MissingMainstreetCo“. It comes in a variety of colors, all with the Mickey head in the center. Our favorite is this one, engraved to resemble Spaceship Earth!

View on Etsy.com →

42. Disney Vintage Poster Luggage Tags

These vintage Disney  poster luggage tags are truly unique and would make a wonderful gift. Made by the Etsy shop “ThreeDDesignStudio“, there are currently 40 different designs to choose from! Check out their shop to see them all.

View on Etsy.com →

43. Mickey Air Tag Holder

These Mickey shaped Air Tag holders get rave reviews. 

Gift this by itself or combine with an Air Tag.

There’s a ton of color options too! Perfect for any aesthetic.

View on Etsy.com

44. Glass Cups 

We fell in love with these Mickey & Friends signature glasses. Shown here is Donald, but you can buy any of the fab five.

They also have Pooh & Friends signature glasses, as well as several other Disney-themed designs to choose from.

Each cups comes with a bamboo lid and glass straw.

Any Disney adult would love getting these glasses as a gift!

View on Etsy.com →

45. Crossbody Bag that Displays Pins

Know someone who is obsessed with Disney pin collecting or trading?

Then this bag is perfect for them! It allows them to proudly display their pins in a meaningful way. Sure to be a conversation starter, whether worn in the parks or in everyday life.

They are made of vegan leather by the Etsy shop Ziziandme. There are tons of color options to choose from.

P.S. They also have pencil cases that feature the same pin display window!

View on Etsy.com →

46. Spaceship Earth Planter

These Spaceship Earth Planters would make a great gift. They come in different sizes and are made on a 3D printer!

Made by the Etsy shop, SteevilLabs, we’ve been a fan of this company and this product for years. 

This Spaceship Earth planter was also featured in our article: “Subtle Ways to Incorporate Disney in Your Home“.

View on Etsy.com →

47. Mickey Cheese Board

Know a Disney fan who likes to entertain? Or who is obsessed with charcuterie boards? Or both?

Then this Mickey cheese board would be the perfect gift.

Cheese can only improve when served with magic of the most famous mouse. This iconically shaped classic Mickey Mouse chopping board is made of eco-friendly parawood. The board swivels open to reveal three stainless steel cheese tools with parawood handles. Impress the Fabulous Five (or more for your parties). Ears to you! A perfect gift for all the Disney lovers in your life.

View on Target.com →

48. Disney Stock

Buy your favorite Disney adult a share of Disney stock. Now they can be a part owner of the company they love!

For this gift idea (and the next one on our list), we were inspired by this viral Tik Tok by user @leahsgiftguide. It’s been viewed almost 700K times!

View on GiveAShare.com

49. (Faux) Stock Certificate to symbolize the stock gift

To accompany your gift of Disney stock, consider gifting a replica paper certificate. Disney used to provide paper certificates but stopped in 2013. 

View on Etsy.com

50. Disney Gift Card

Getting a gift card may seem like an easy out, but we promise you, the Disney adult will appreciate a Disney gift card. It can be used at Walt Disney World, Resort, Disneyland, Disney Cruise Line, Disney Store locations in the U.S. and DisneyStore.com.

A Disney gift card is especially great if they have a trip planned, as it can be used for food while at the parks.

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