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Atoms Model 001 Shoe Review

We tested out the Atoms Model 001 shoes and wanted to share our honest review.

Atoms 001 Shoe Review

Thank you to Atoms for sending us a pair of 001s for our review!

Honest Atoms 001 Review

We put the Atoms 001 (in white!) to the test! Here’s our honest review:

What We Like About Our Atoms Model 001 Shoes

1. The style

Atoms Shoes 001

We love the overall look and style of the Atoms 001s. We went for the color white, which is a classic and timeless style. The shoe also has a minimalist design. It goes with almost any outfit. Atoms offers several classic colors, as well as more colorful colors on a limited-edition basis.

There are also unique details of the Atoms 001s that shouldn’t be overlooked. First, the inside of the shoe has a grey striped pattern that is visible around the edges while wearing them. 

Another unique design feature we love is the bottom of the sole. It has actual holes that reveal the midsole.  

Atoms 001 TPV sole
Atoms Shoes 001

2. Super comfortable and form-fitting

With comfort being one of the main objectives, Atoms 001 shoes hit the nail on the head. They are comfortable from the first time you put them on and continue to provide comfort all day. 

Part of the comfort comes from the structured fit. An example of the structured support offered by the Atoms 001 is the padded area at the rear of the shoe. It wraps around both sides of our achilles tendon perfectly. Our Atoms fit like a glove.

Atoms 001 achilles support
Internal Achilles heel support

We put the Atoms 001s to the ultimate test by wearing them to Disney World. Yes, we broke the ultimate rule of wearing “broken in” shoes to Disney, but the wear test was a success! We were able to walk 10,000+ steps with no blisters or sore feet. We also appreciated the breathability of the Atoms 001s. Our feet didn’t get too sweaty, even in the extreme heat.

3. Elastic "tie once" shoe laces

Atoms come with a flat elastic shoe lace, that once tied, is designed to remain tied as long as you want. There is also elastic on the tongue of the shoe, which allows you to easily put them on and take them off without having to untie them. We love this feature! It saves time getting out the door, and as a busy moms, we love time hacks!

Atoms 001 Shoe Laces

4. Machine washable

We really love the new trend where shoes are designed to be machine washable. This is extra important to us since our Atoms are white and bound to get dirty.

5. The packaging

We were blown away by the packaging. So unique! The box unfolds down the middle and is magnetic! 

This unique, high-quality shoe box truly adds to the overall experience of the Atoms!

Atoms 001 Shoe Box
Atoms 001 open box

6. Well-crafted

The first thing we noticed once we opened the box, besides the excellent and unique presentation and packaging, was the craftsmanship. There is a very high level of detail in the design and construction. There was no stray adhesive. There was no stitch out of place. 

Atoms 001 side materials
Atoms 001 TPV Sole

7. The Discount Program

Atoms has an amazing discount program for teachers, students, healthcare workers, military and other government agencies, first responders, and seniors.

Here’s the specific details of the Atoms discount program:

  • Teachers and Students – 15%
    • Teachers, teaching assistants and aides, administrators, and students enrolled at a college, university, or technical program within the US and Canada
  • Healthcare Professionals – 10%
    • Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals
  • First Responders – 10%
    • Police, Fire Fighters, and EMTs
  • Seniors – 10%
    • Those who are age 65 and older
  • Government Employees – 10%
    • Local, state, and federal employees
  • Military – 10%
    • Active duty, the reserves, national guard, retirees, veterans, and military families

8. Recyclable and made with recycled materials

We like supporting brands that are eco-friendly. Atoms 001s are both recyclable and made with recycled materials.

The upper portion of the shoes are made with 100% recycled yarn.

Are the Atoms Model 001 Shoes Worth It?

Overall, we love our Atoms 001s! Although they are on the pricier side, we think they are worth it. They’re high-quality that we expect to last for years to come. The timeless look also can be paired with many outfit, which means we’ll get maximum use out of them. The Atoms 001s make a great staple piece in any wardrobe. 

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