7 Simple Stroller Hacks | 2020

7 Simple Stroller Hacks

Every parent has been there. Thinking of how your stroller can be improved.  Often, there are aftermarket accessories you can buy, but some even go as far as making some sort of contraption themselves. 

Here is a list of some hacks that may help you improve your stroller – whether it’s practical creature comforts or design features.

Even if you think you have the perfect stroller, we are sure you will find at least a few hacks here that may inspire you!

Boosting Night Time Visibility

reflective tape

The vast majority of strollers seem to be designed with only daytime use in mind. When it comes to evening or early morning walks, many strollers are almost invisible. 


A simple way to drastically improve nighttime visibility and safety is by adding reflective material to the outside of the stroller. You can just buy a roll and cut it with scissors to fit on various parts of the stroller such as metal bars or the center of the wheels. 


Another method of boosting your stroller’s night time visibility beyond the reflective tape is by adding a string of small battery powered lights. They can be nearly as inexpensive as a roll of reflective tape and add a whole new level of visibility to your walks in the dark.

Stroller Storage At Home

over the door hook for hanging stroller

A common problem with many strollers isn’t found when you are actually using, but rather when you are not. Where to store the huge stroller so it’s out of the way and taking up the least amount of space? A great solution is to use a hanging door hook and just hang the stroller on the back of a closet or garage door. This can clear up floor space elsewhere and make use of the unused space behind the door. It also can make accessing the stroller a little easier. 

Stroller Storage In the Car

velcro strap for stroller

Strollers can take up a huge amount of trunk space even in crossovers and SUVs. Instead of having the stroller rolling around the cargo area it can be stored more vertically on its side against the rear seat backs. The way this hack works is you simply secure the stroller to the rear headrest supports using string or Velcro straps. Doing this allows you to get the most out of your cargo area and will stop you from piling your bags and groceries on top of your stroller. 

Cup Holders

hanging shoe rack

If your stroller does not have any cup holders or not enough cup holders to your liking, you can always add more. There may be a cup holder accessory that you can purchase from your stroller manufacturer or a universal cup holder attachment.  Or you can try this hack. Take one of those plastic hanging shoe organizers and turn it into a multi cup holder. Simply cut a pair of the shoe holders off the organizer and attach it to the inside of the lower basket.

Stroller Handle Repair

tennis racket grip tape stroller hack
tennis racket grip tape stroller hack colors

If your stroller handle gets worn out due to heavy use over the years and multiple kids, there is an inexpensive and simple solution. Take a roll of tennis racket grip tape and wrap it around the stroller handle.  This simple hack can effectively repair, and in some cases even upgrade the feel of the stroller handle. Tennis racket grip tape has a padded rubbery surface that is designed to endure heavy use.

Shopping Bag/Purse Storage

stroller hooks

A simple solution to carrying shopping/ grocery bags around while trying to push a stroller is to have a place to hang them on the stroller itself. If your stroller does not come equipped with a place to hang shopping bags or purses you can make one. You just purchase a carabiner and hook it somewhere on your stroller near the handlebar and you are all set to shop till you drop!

Adding Weight for Stability

leg weights for stroller

Once you have all that weight hanging on the end of the strollers handlebar, the weight distribution can get a bit uneven. To avoid tipping the stroller over, you can simply add leg weights to the front of the stroller just above the front wheels to even it out. 


Hope you found some of these stroller hacks helpful!  Feel free to share with your mom friends!