Diaper Pail: Baby Products You Don’t Need

Diaper Pail: Baby Products You Don't NeedAhh the diaper pail.  It makes it on practically every “must-have” list, but I’m here to tell you, you don’t need it!  Those contraptions that hold dirty diapers and promise to keep your nursery smelling fresh…well frankly they aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.
Here are 5 reasons to skip the diaper pail:

1. Save Your Time

If you are only thinking short-term, then yes, a diaper pail will save you time.  Just pop the dirty diaper in, and done.

But, not so easy.  The diaper pail is a ticking time bomb.  Like letting dirty dishes pile up in the sink.  It’s super quick to just toss them in there, but when you do go to rinse them, it’s much more difficult and time consuming than had you just washed them from the get-go.  Same goes for the diaper pail.

Those contraptions are a hassle to change, especially when you’re sleep deprived (and you will be sleep deprived).  Depending on the number of diapers it holds (or your tolerance for stink…see # 2), emptying the diaper pail will be a task you have to perform every couple of days.

Long story short, it will take more time emptying the diaper pail than just taking each individual diaper out to the trash.

2. Save Your Nose

When you do go to empty the diaper pail, it will be stinky!  And I mean, stinky!  A smell I can’t even begin to describe.  Changing one diaper can cause a grown man to gag.  Now imagine a stench that is multiplied and magnified.

Why would anyone want to smell a dirty diaper twice?  For the convenience of a quick initial disposal, that’s essentially what you’re doing.

Not only will changing the diaper pail be gag worthy, but there’s a good chance that won’t be the only time you smell the contents.  These things aren’t magic.  Every time you use it, you will likely get a whiff.  Or the thing may wreak 24/7.  I’ve heard multiple stories where the stench soaked into the plastic and remained even after being emptied.

The thought of dirty diapers stewing in my house for days does not settle well with me.  I get antsy when my kitchen trash piles up or my recycle bin is overflowing with junk mail.

3. Save Your Planet

Obviously using disposable diapers aren’t that great for the planet.  And there’s controversy on whether using cloth is any better.  The goal here to do what you can to help save the planet.

By buying one less product (the diaper pail), you are reducing your carbon footprint.  Think of all the resources that go into making, shipping and selling the diaper pail.

Then think of the life cycle of the diaper pail.  Yes, you will get a couple years out of it (depending on how soon your child potty-trains). Skip the Diaper Genie refills! If you use it for multiple children, even better!  Even more power to anyone who goes the second-hand route!  At the end of the day, it’s just one more thing in our landfills.

In most cases, the diaper pail also requires specific bags.  By skipping the diaper pail, you can skip these bags and reduce the impact to the environment.

4. Save Your Money

Depending on the brand, a diaper pail can set you back anywhere from 20 to 90 dollars.  And don’t forget about the special refill bags.  You’re looking at a lifetime cost of hundreds and hundreds of dollars.

5. Save Your Space

Whether you live in an apartment or McMansion, save your space and skip the diaper pail!  Most people buy into the myth that babies require a lot of “stuff”.  It’s simply not true.  Be mindful of everything you bring into your home.  The diaper pail is just one more unnecessary “thing” that takes up space.

5 Reasons to Skip the Diaper Genie